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Working on Wi-Fi?

‘Out of Office’ is the best place to change your life and have the big ideas to change the world around you.

In great coffee shops Moshi Monsters and Harry Potter were born, Obama’s first presidential speech was composed, and many websites such as craigslist and Foursquare.com were built. It’s where political revolutions and artistic movements have started.

The new book ‘Out of Office: work where you like & achieve more’ is the inspirational and informative business book where readers learn from the biggest names and smartest thinkers on how to escape the rat race feeling and live life to the full.

From coffee shops around the world, author Chris Ward works with the most successful global brands and charities. He has founded and sold successful businesses and gone on to work with the biggest global causes. He was Creative Director at Comic Relief, director on the legacy of the last FIFA World Cup, on the legacy board of London 2012 and works with the Nelson Mandela Foundation – all achieved from coffee shops and not offices!

Join the many successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, students, authors, freelancers and flexitime workers already switching on their ‘Out of Office’ and working remotely.

Grab your laptop, order a drink, ask for the Wi-Fi password and with this guide, you can make something great happen.

Out of Office: work where you like & achieve more

By Chris Ward. Published April 25th 2013.
Paperback and eBook (196pp full colour) £9.95

"A wonderful book with wonderful content, wonderfully presented."
Rory Sutherland.

Contact Helen@bluedotworld.com

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'Out of Office' book sample

  1. 1. 2From the blackboard outside Gail’s Bakery in West London, whereI wrote much of this book, fuelled by their great pecan brownies.“The traditional model of the office is dead.”Mark Dixon, CEO Regus“The best place to write, in my opinion, is a café.”J.K. Rowling, Author of Harry Potter“That one cup in the coffee shop led to us sellingmillons of games around the world.”Richard Tait, Creator of Cranium“One afternoon in my local cafe I was doodlingmonsters. I thought it would be fun to try andbring the little creatures to life.”Michael Acton-Smith, Creator of Moshi Monsters“The question I am most asked: what’s the Wi-Fipassword? Our regulars use us unashamedlyas a free office space. We love that.”Lizzie Bain, Ozone Coffee Roasters, London“We raised millions of pounds for charity by texting abillion people around the world from 80 coffee shops.”Chris Ward, Author
  2. 2. 51234567891011Kick-ass coffeePowering great ideas since 1680Nine-2-Five reasonsTo work fewer office hoursChange your lifeWork where you likeChange the world around youSuccess stories from ‘Out of Office’Which hot spot will it be today?The whole of life in every dayPenny UniversityCrucial life lessons from today’s smartest thinkersBuild your networkThe six people you needBe the best team playerTen tips for maintaining great working relationshipsCreate the best ideasWith the help of everyone around youMaximise salesBy helping everyone around youJoin the ‘Work Where You Like’ movement
  3. 3. 7Hi,Thanks for opening the book. It is a labour of love. Working‘Out of Office’ is a way of life I totally believe in and so Iwanted to make sure I captured everything that will helpanyone get the most out of it.I always struggled to get the best from myself working full-timeunder one roof, struggling with the silence and the politics andthinking there must be more to life than this. We moved intocentral London and a new coffee shop opened opposite fromthat day forward I found a new way of life...Rather than putting the rat race first, I found a permanent ‘Outof Office’ state of mind; of freedom, inspiration and vibrancy.It enables me to be more productive and creative but to alsoenjoy living life to the full.As free Wi-Fi spreads I see the number of people around mewith laptops, tablets and smartphones grow enormously. Allenjoying being busy, creative and relaxed. It’s great to see.This book is a result of being asked so many times how to do it.How to live life to the full, work where you like, when you likeand still produce the most effective work.The answers are all here.Please let me know what you think and share your own stories.chris@workwhereyoulike.com
  4. 4. 15Are you going to share pictures of catsor change the world?Today, you can achieve far more than you have ever previouslybeen able to when tied to your desk. You can be left to your own (mobile) devices and measured onyour productivity, not your presence.You can achieve your work in far less than the 40 hoursconsidered necessary to complete every job, in every role, inevery office block, in every country in the world. Being in an office for 40 hours, but completing work in lesstime, means people are seeking inspiration elsewhere, sharingmore and more pictures of cats and sending more and moreemails, all to someone sitting a couple of feet away from them. ‘Out of Office’, you are inspired by what’s around you. Yourinspiration is people, the very same people who respond,engage, buy, read, listen, wear or play with the ideas you arecreating. The same people who inspire you to come up with thebest ideas, songs, books, movies, design or artwork. The samepeople who can become your biggest fans or customers. The very people whose lives you can change, sit next to you.
  5. 5. 35Self motivatedThinking for yourselfCreating a jobWork when you feel like itMotivated by great ideasShow your workWork in a hubbubBrunch-fuelled good moodShareResponsibilityRewardingBe ‘Out of Office’ to live a full lifeMike runs one of the UK’s most creative agencies, Cake. Before Wi-Fiwas invented we actually shared an office together!Mike Mathieson took a photo –at Les Contamines - MontjoieToday’s office.
  6. 6. 43Be treated like an adultAll the facilities you could ever need, at the best café for cyclists, look mumno hands!, Clerkenwell, London.
  7. 7. 60J.K. Rowling, mother,author of Harry PotterOver 450 million copies of the seven Harry Potter books have been soldworldwide and the eight movies grossed over $7.7billion.“The best place to write,in my opinion, is a café.”
  8. 8. 64Craig Newmark, founder, craigslistand craigconnects“I got deep intothe coffee housething, gettingwork done andtalking withpeople.”There are more than 700 local craigslist websites in 70 countries. In theUS alone, more than 60 million people use it every month and it receivesmore than 50 billion page views every month.
  9. 9. 66Michael Acton Smithcreator of Moshi Monsters“One afternoon in my local Caffè Nero I was doodlingmonsters. I thought it would be fun to try and bring the littlecreatures to life.”More than 75 million Moshi Monsters have been adopted in over 150countries worldwide, and over $100 million worth of Moshi Monstersproducts were sold in 2011. This is that famous first drawing.
  10. 10. 70Dennis CrowleyCo-founder and CEO of FoursquareMore than 30 million people use Foursquare worldwide. There have beenmore than three billion check-ins, with millions more every day.“In the early days, a handful of coffee shops in the EastVillage were our offices. They were where Naveen and Idecided to start Foursquare and where we built half of theprototype. ”
  11. 11. 78Mark Dixon, CEO of RegusRegus is the world’s largest global provider of flexible workspace, servingmore than 800,000 customers every day.“In the future our children will reminisce about dailycommuting to the office, in much the same way that werecall life without the mobile.”
  12. 12. 80My storiesThe Mandela Day Pledge Book launch with my hero, Archbishop DesmondTutu, Chair of The Elders, and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, both in Londonand in the same room at the same time – that was fun making happen!“I ran my website and Mandela Day events from cafés andrace day tents as I raced across remote parts of the world.”
  13. 13. 90Curators Coffee, Central London.Coffee shops provide everything
  14. 14. 94Hub Westminster, Central London. One of 25 hubs on five continentsand where some of this book was written.Hubs and co-working spacesHubs are the fastest growing new type of workspace across theglobe. Soon we will see one on every high street. They provideco-working spaces with the ambience of a coffee shop and thesupporting infrastructure of an office.They charge per person, per desk, per month. If leaving theoffice entirely isn’t for you straight away or you are starting upand need some infrastructure, then they make the excellentfirst step.International digital brands are opening their own hubs asincubators for start-ups, while at the other end of the market,some new coffee shop brands are opening that offer greatcoffee and full support for ‘Out of Office’ workers.The largest office space providers in the world have adaptedtheir whole models to offer flexible solutions, rather than simplytraditional office space.
  15. 15. 100“Having lunch together is so muchmore important to creating somethingthan a business meeting.”Jack Dorsey, founder,Twitter and SquareThe pastries at Fernandez & Wells, Somerset House, Londonare, as they say, to die for.
  16. 16. 116If you need to come up with a greatidea, never, ever, hold a brainstormSteve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple. This is my favourite quote in thewhole book because it’s 100% true of so many people I know.
  17. 17. 132Penny University life lessonsHow to live life to the full
  18. 18. 141Twitter does only what it does bestIts network does the restTwitter started as a simple texting service. Many of the popularfeatures that actually turned it into the pulse of the planet,such as retweeting and hashtags, were instigated by its users.It has been estimated that a hundred times as many peoplecontributed to the site than actually worked for the business,none of whom needed a salary or desk.“By encouraging users to experiment with theservice and build around it, Twitter cultivated anengaged and loyal user base. Letting developerscreate a presence on the web that was many timeslarger than twitter.com was extremely smart.”“Twitter has remained shockingly simple. We havebeen at this long enough to realise that simplicity iscore to the philosophy.”Biz Stone, co-founder of TwitterLoic Le Meur, founder of Le Web
  19. 19. 148Number ten is go for something stronger than a coffee.Be the bestteam playerTen tips for maintaininggreat working relationships8
  20. 20. 154Create the best ideasWith the help of everyonearound you9
  21. 21. 162“Short-form content to me is long-form to anotheraudience.”“The 24 year old coming out of Stanford will havea view of technology that the 29 year old, who was24 just five years ago, would never think of. We lovethat.”Marc Andreessen.Board director of Facebook and eBay among many othersachievementsRobert Kyncl, VP and Head of Content, YouTube
  22. 22. 170Maximise salesBy helping everyone around you10
  23. 23. 195Chris Ward is an entrepreneur and activist. He has consultedto the highest level of organisations and with artists, such asComic Relief, Radiohead, PlayStation, Red Bull, Disney, theFIFA World Cup and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, all ofwhich he achieves working ‘Out of Office’ around the globefrom New York and Cape Town to Seoul to Lagos.He is an influential, award-winning innovator and speaksregularly on international conference platforms.When he’s not in a coffee shop, hub or hotel, with an espressoand laptop, he’s mostly to be found outside training or insidewith his four children. Having worked where he likes for morethan ten years, he has found the extra time to compete inthe toughest mountain and road bike races in the world, teninternational marathons and appear naked in a Spencer Tunickartwork.After leaving school with one qualification, he spent the firstthree years of his career as a sales assistant in a chemist shop,armed only with low expectations of himself and the knowledgethat things could only get better.
  24. 24. 9 780957 612303ISBN 978-0-9576123-0-3ISBN 978-0-9576123-0-3UK £9.95U.S $15.95CAN $15.95AUS $14.95Do you take your laptop with you to the coffee shopor work from home?Find out how switching on your ‘Out of Office’is more than a life-changing way to work.An office is where you can climb the corporate ladder. Coffee shops andother hot spots are where you can change your life and have the ideas tochange the world around you.Over great coffee Harry Potter and Moshi Monsters were born, Obama’sfirst presidential speech was composed, and many websites such ascraigslist and Foursquare.com were built. It is where political revolutionsand artistic movements have started.Learn from the biggest names and smartest thinkers on how to escapethat rat race feeling, to enjoy a more successful and rewarding ‘Out ofOffice’ life.From coffee shops and hubs around the world, Chris Ward works withthe most successful global brands and charities, creating successfulbusinesses and helping raise millions for good causes, while alsocompeting in international marathons and cycle races.Join the many successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, students,artists, freelancers and flexitime workers already switching on their ‘Out ofOffice’ and working remotely. Grab your laptop, order a drink, ask for theWi-Fi password and with this guide, make something great happen.Blue Dot Worldwww.workwhereYOUlike.com100% made from coffee shops ebook available