The Importance Of Creativity In Life


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The Importance Of Creativity In Life

  1. 1. CONTENTS1. Creativity, success and intelligence.2. Education.3. Education and intelligence.4. Conclusion.5. Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on creativity and its importance in the education system.
  2. 2. CREATIVITY, SUCCESS AND INTELLIGENCE We live in a world where there is no balance between academic and creative education. Education is leaned completely towards academic abilities. Around the entire world creativity is ranked below Literacy, Maths and Science. Although these are important subjects; creativity such as the arts or dancing should be given the same importance. There is extraordinary evidence of creativity every where you look. In art, literature, architecture, entertainment, in our dreams and some of the things we enjoy doing in our leisure time. And yet at times creativity is not only discouraged it can also be stigmatised.
  3. 3. EDUCATION  Before the start of the industrial revolution there were no public formalised systems of education. In the 19th Century education was tailored towards the needs of industrialisation.  According to UNESCO in the next 30 years more people will be studying degrees than at any other time in history.
  4. 4. EDUCATION A problem being that degrees are becoming less and less valuable. Where a degree was acceptable before. An MBA is a needed and soon that may not be enough. A PHD will be needed as well. So a new approach is required to intelligence. Personal diligence, creative development, pro active pursuits and the ability to learn and grow with a creative approach is required.
  5. 5. EDUCATION AND INTELLIGENCE Intelligence has became ranked on academic ability and memory tests. Education systems have been developed where we are taught not to make mistakes. Although making mistakes is a key route to learning and when you are not prepared to make mistakes, you not prepared to take a chance or come up with anything original. Taking away the creative side most fulfilling ways of development is by One of the of learning and development. learning through making mistakes. Trial and error. Learning from experience. This makes for great individuals. Intelligence is diverse and comes in all different forms. It is interactive and dynamic.
  6. 6. EDUCATION AND INTELLIGENCE Subjects such as Maths or Physics are very important. But should be ranked with the same importance as creative subjects such as dance, the arts or creative writing. And creativity in Maths and the Sciences is also very important.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION Students are human beings with strengths and weaknesses. Education should be tailored towards human beings and not just academic abilities. People who do not achieve well in academic pursuits should be encouraged to follow pursuits that meet their strengths. Individuals should be given the possibility to grow and expand their own interests and skills. Albert Einstein:“A person who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.”