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SCIRT Lunch and Learn session: Changing leadership 2013

A 30 minute presentation to SCIRT (Strengthening Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) on the changing nature of leadership. See for more information.

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SCIRT Lunch and Learn session: Changing leadership 2013

  1. 1. Changing LeadershipSCIRT Lunch and Learn - March 20th 2013Chris Jansen – University of Canterbury, Idea Creation
  2. 2. Information overload Speed Complexity Interconnectedness of systems Uncertainty Ambiguity Dissolving of traditional organisational boundaries Exponential rate of change Opportunities Disruptive technologies ParadoxGenerational values and expectations Unintended consequences Lack of Control Increased globalization 2
  3. 3. change is changing…..The greatest challenge for future leaders is the pace of change and the complexity of the challenges faced…. ….”perpetual white-water”…
  4. 4. “Our organisations are not equipped to cope with this complexity…” (IBM study – 1500 CEO’s)
  5. 5. Complexity / Change / Uncertainty / AmbiguityParadox / Lack of Control / Unintended consequences Organisational capacity adaptive, innovative, flexible, nimble, responsive, creative, resilient and self organising
  6. 6. …a dynamic of experimentation and innovation…
  7. 7. …self organising…
  8. 8. . . . Leaders vs leadership?Position of a leader vs action of leadership
  9. 9. Hierarchies and Networks
  10. 10. The Starfish and the Spider…The unstoppable power of leaderless organisations
  11. 11. Hybrid? Machine Living organism +Efficient, reliable, +innovative, responsive, nimble-Inflexible, slow to respond -messy and spontaneous
  12. 12. Can leaders foster self organisation?
  13. 13. Informal Connected Un-precious Agile Subtle Inspired Gutsy Engaged
  14. 14. SCIRT is best described as an organisation that despiteoperating in a complex and uncertain environment has a clear sense of purpose, an outcome focus and a team of aligned and committed team members. Team members across SCIRT have responded to the enormous challenge of reinstating the horizontal infrastructure of an entire city by 2016.
  15. 15. A legacy organisation?• legacy of infrastructure - horizontal rebuild• legacy of changing BAU• legacy of innovation in management• legacy of a large scale system wide shift in leadership and organisational thinking?
  16. 16. “What have you learnt and experienced during your time at SCIRT that you believe would beinvaluable for your home organisation to adopt?”
  17. 17. • Remove 15 min timesheets – this incentivises people to use their time to help others and share knowledge• Leverage alliance principles – partnerships between contractor, designer and client• KPIs and KRAs drive good behaviour• Scrap lowest prices contracting – instead build collaborative partnerships• Modernise IT and make it more responsive• Respect other peoples time – make meetings purposeful• In future contracts – build in other attributes and measures in addition to the dollars• Engagement with community has multiple pay offs in terms of public image, improving brand and building strategic relationships• Integrate design and delivery
  18. 18. • Leadership is more performance based than position based• Goal setting and individual accountability combined with a shared noble purpose is a powerful combination• Give people a goal and empower them to reach it• Identify what people are good at and let them go for it• Remove boundaries and move to a flat management system – open access between all “levels of staff”• Work on the business not just in it – the value of coaching and reflecting on experiences
  19. 19. Informal Connected Un-precious Agile Subtle Inspired Gutsy Engaged
  20. 20. Powerpoint slides available at