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Wp7 tech update ps

  1. 1. 
  2. 2. “Microsoft now realizes that people wanta single mobile device for work and forplay, and its creating the necessaryseparation through Windows® Phone 7hubs.”
  3. 3. “Microsoft unveiled synchronizedSharePoint integration with Windows®Phone 7—it got a round of applause—as it’s something that’ll make mobileworking a lot easier.”
  4. 4. “Microsoft Office on Windows® Phone 7looks fantastic. From email to edit, theprocess is seamless.”
  5. 5. “When it comes to smartphones,Windows® Phone 7 should arguably bethe de facto platform for businessprofessionals.”
  6. 6. SMART DESIGN Windows Phone 7 Series hasA different a smart design that focuses kind of phone on what is most important to you and works the way you would want INTEGRATED EXPERIENCES Windows Phone 7 Series organizes the web and So you don’t applications to simplify what miss a moment you do everydayDesigned forlife in motion FOR DEVELOPERS A single, cohesive API set and platform
  7. 7. Customizable, at-a-glance viewLive tiles that continuously update
  8. 8. Delivers immersive,engaging experiencesBrings together apps,services, and content bythemeMakes everyday taskseasier
  9. 9. Captivating & productive experiencesPhones end users desireProductivity without compromiseIntegrated infrastructureWorks well with what you have while meetingcorporate security and management needsPowerful & consistent platformCreate powerful and compelling applications for thephone, web, and PC using powerful and familiardevelopment tools
  10. 10. Delivers productivity without compromise Quickly organize email Check next appointment Collaborate with office on new proposal
  11. 11. Works well with what you have Extend access to Exchange and SharePoint Utilize Exchange for policy management Leverage existing IT knowledge Reduce costs
  12. 12. Exchange ActiveSync supportPassword enabled This setting enables the Windows Phone password. This setting enables the administrator to configure a lengthPassword expiration of time after which a Windows Phone password must be changed. This setting specifies the number of past passwords that canPassword history be stored in a users mailbox, and does not allow a user to reuse a stored password. This setting enables or disables the ability to use a simpleAllow simple password password such as 1234.Minimum password length This setting specifies the minimum password length.Maximum inactivity time This setting specifies the length of time that a Windowslock Phone can go without user input before it locks.Maximum failed password This setting specifies how many times an incorrect password can be entered before the Windows Phone performs a wipeattempts of all data.
  13. 13. Windows® Phone 7 security & management Exchange ActiveSync® password policiesHelps protect corporate Remote Wipeinformation No PC tethered access or removable storage Application sandboxing prevents apps from sharing resourcesHelps ensure data Marketplace certification enhances integrityreliability Internet Explorer® Mobile helps protect against malicious code from websitesEnables secure data SSL Encryption (128/256 bit)transmissionSupports secure access Forefront™ Unified Access Gateway (UAG)–to SharePoint enabled access or SharePoint
  14. 14. Create compelling applications using Microsoft Silverlight® and XNA®Rich support to develop across the web, phone, and PC Best-of-breed development tools B2C applications from a single marketplace
  15. 15.       
  16. 16.     
  17. 17. 
  18. 18. Single destination for applications   
  19. 19.        http://developer.windowsphone.com
  20. 20. Captivating & & Captivating Integrated Integrated Powerful & consistentproductive experiences infrastructure infrastructure platformPhones people desire. Works well with what you Create powerful and have while supporting compelling applications forProductivity without corporate security and the phone, web and PCcompromise. management requirements. using powerful and familiar development tools.
  21. 21. Captivating &productiveexperiences Integratedinfrastructure Microsoft Online Services Powerful & consistent platform
  22. 22. Happy WP7 Devs - Adi Nokia Internal Use Only
  23. 23. Collaboration opportunities• Cool apps from developers• Technical support and trainings• Preview device loan program• IDA “Amplify” program• Telco/OEM bundling• App promotion in Microsoft assets• Email me: chism@microsoft.com Nokia Internal Use Only
  24. 24. Call to Action• Download the WP7 Developer Tools – http://developer.windowsphone.com/• Build those apps! And let us know  – chism@microsoft.com• Get local news and updates – http://innovativesingapore.com/ Nokia Internal Use Only