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Windows phone 7 technology update


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Published in: Technology
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Windows phone 7 technology update

  1. 1. Windows Phone 7 Technology Update Chris Ismael Developer Evangelist
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction to Windows Phone 7 (demo)• Creating WP7 apps using Silverlight and XNA• Interacting with Windows Phone functionality• More examples of WP7 apps
  3. 3. SMART DESIGN Windows Phone 7 Series hasA different a smart design that focuses kind of phone on what is most important to you and works the way you would want INTEGRATED EXPERIENCES Windows Phone 7 Series organizes the web and So you don’t applications to simplify what miss a moment you do everydayDesigned forlife in motion FOR DEVELOPERS A single, cohesive API set and platform
  5. 5. What developers need to know now • Managed code dev’t (C#) • Silverlight / XNA • Tools are free – VS2010 Express for Phone – Blend 4 for Phone • Consistent hardware specs – 800 x 480 / 480 x 320 – Capacitive touch – 4 points – Sensors – AGPS/Accelerometer/Compass/Light/Proximity – 3 Hardware buttons… etc • “End of year” availability • Emulator support
  6. 6. Windows Common Consistent Quality Phone Hardware Platform FocusHardware ElementsConsistent set of hardwarecapabilities defined by MicrosoftOne resolution at launchSecond resolution added laterSame touch inputConsistent processor / GPUSame available RAMOptional keyboard
  7. 7. Two Flavors of Applications
  8. 8. Windows Phone Developer Tools ToolsPhone Emulator Samples Documentation Guides Community Packaging and Verification Tools Windows Phone device myapp.xap Windows Phone Emulator
  9. 9. Experiences Across Screens Cloud Platform
  10. 10. Silverlight: XAML and Code-Behind MainPage.xaml MainPage.xaml.cs (code-behind)
  11. 11. How we can support developers• Technical support and trainings• Preview device loan program• DreamSpark waives $99 reg fee for students• App promotion in Microsoft assets
  12. 12. Call to Action• Download the WP7 Developer Tools –• Build those apps! And let us know  –• Get local news and updates –