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Lesson 9 band website


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Lesson 9 Music Video websites.

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Lesson 9 band website

  1. 1. AIM: Understand the purpose and conventions of band websites STARTER: You are managing this unsigned band called ‘The Dreadful Flowers’. You are trying to convince them that they need a band website to help promote the band. They’re not interested as they say they are ‘too underground’ and it will ‘detract from our art’. Come up with 5 reasons to persuade them that they need a website.
  2. 2. ‘The Dreadful Flowers’ They’ve listened but still aren’t convinced. This is what Sick Pete, their guitarist thinks… What’s the point in having our own website? It’s all about social media these days! Let’s get on twitter and Facebook and forget it!
  3. 3. 13 Reasons why a band needs a website (Source:
  4. 4. Your practice piece tasks • Create a short music video (about a minute) • Create a CD digipack • Create the homepage of a band website Remember: all of the above are for the same group and song. They should feel like part of the same package. This means you should aim to have a consistency with the use of fonts, clothing etc. Your full A2 task next year
  5. 5. For your practice piece (and main website) - Use as a free website builder - You only have to do the home page for this (and for the main task) - Lots of templates and embedded audio/video - Take lots of photos when shooting the video for the website/ CD cover Check out previous group’s websites:
  6. 6. 5 things a good band website homepage should have… • Be up to date and actively promoting the artist’s latest release/news • Not be too text heavy… it is an entertainment website! • Have a clear ‘house style’ which corresponds with videos, album covers etc. It should feel as if it is all part of the same package • Have fast links to the points of sale • Easy navigation to internal links, outside sites and social media platforms (3 click rule)
  7. 7. Research: Band website homepage
  8. 8. Open Lana Del Rey’s website 1. How does the website represent the artist? (think about mise-en-scene, camera shots etc) 2. What is there for the ‘first time’ fan who may never have heard of her? 3. What is there for the fan who wants to find out more about the artist than just her latest album? 4. How does the website make use of multi-media and demonstrate technological and cross media convergence?
  9. 9. Textual analysis of band website There is a clear style relationship between the launch of the artist’s new album and the cultivation of her image. Low key lighting is used and a black and white palette perhaps representing the artist as a modern artist that is heavily influenced by music from the past. Something that is evident in her music. The website goes for an easily navigable ‘soft sell’ approach with links to various online stores evident in the centre of the homepage. The ‘soft sell’ may suggest she is already a well established artist or suggests that her audience would not appreciate a more flagrant commercial approach.
  10. 10. Your task (Research) Complete a textual analysis of a band (of your choosing’s) website homepage. NOTE: By now you should be thinking about which artist/song you are going to do for your practice piece. You may wish to do an analysis of the same band you covered in your CD cover analysis to compare the ‘house style’ and cultivation of the band’s image. EXTENSION: Useful extra reading: Media Know All Apply this to your textual analysis of a CD, Music Video or band website