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Lesson 8 music video regulation


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Some useful links around the debate/discussion around regulation of music videos in the UK.
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Lesson 8 music video regulation

  1. 1. Aim: Analyse the role and effectiveness of Music Video Regulation In pairs, discuss: Who regulates music videos? Should they? If so, which ones? What are the issues around regulation? Must research music video regulation and complete a blog post Should all of the above but reflect on the effectiveness of regulations Could all of the above but also include a historical perspective on music video regulation
  2. 2. Music Video Regulation • Recent developments At the Conservative Party conference 2014 David Cameron announced new age ratings on music videos. Here is a discussion from BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme – 1st October This is in response to many criticisms from parents groups that childhood is becoming increasingly sexualised. 23/will-age-rating-classifications-music-video- work
  3. 3. Complete a blog post about music video regulation • Find examples of music videos that were banned (best to watch at home). What were the reasons given for banning them? • Has this changed over time (does this reflect the ‘ideological concerns of the day’?) • Who is in charge of regulating music videos? • What do you think are the difficulties with implementing regulations? • Evaluate how effective you think these measures will be? You may wish to think about the interviewee’s point that
  4. 4. Refer to your sources I feel that parents have reasonable concerns about the effect of sexualised music videos on their children, for example, Charlotte Richardson’s article in the Guardian mentions an American Psychological Association study which suggests a strong link between pop media and mental conditions in young girls such as eating disorders. However, as she goes on to say, there is a danger that advice or regulation can become censorship – furthermore, how can it actually be enforced in the online age?