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Lean workbench 2013-07-24


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presentation for the NYCRIN / NSF meeting 2013-07-24,
showing 1st demo of,
open source tools to quantify and drive early stage startups,
with support from NSF award 1305023

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Lean workbench 2013-07-24

  1. 1. NYCRIN Level 3: Lean Workbench open source tools to drive and quantify seed-stage startups Chris Wiggins / Jennifer Rubinovitz / Columbia University & LeanWorkbench
  2. 2. "Standard accounting is not helpful in evaluating entrepreneurs." - Eric Reis, "The Lean Startup" (Random House, Inc. 2011)
  3. 3. Lean Hypothesis "Evaluating customer response and innovation accounting requires a tool-set not generally available, especially lean or first time entrepreneurs." - NYCRIN Proposal
  4. 4. Customer Interview Results Must Have Key Activities ● CHEAP: Affordable for cash strapped early stage startups ● FAST: Allow for easy installation
  5. 5. Customer Interview Results Must Have Channels ● Github: collaborative open source platform
  6. 6. Customer Interview Results Must Have Customer Segments ● I-Corps cohorts ● Any early stage startup ● NB: not just web- tech! ○ All companies have web presence
  7. 7. Lean Workbench ● Open source ● Customer behavior tracking tools ○ Google Analytics ○ Partnering with optimizing startups ● Automate + report customer surveys ○ e.g., ● Social media tools to drive startup ○ Twitter ○ Facebook ● Operations tools ○ e.g., QuickBooks Online.
  8. 8. Open Source ● Free to use by I-Corps and other entrepreneurs ● Empowers stakeholder contributors "Members of the data community at large are very eager to help one another ... by open sourcing the tools we have built for ourselves ... as the rest of the community fixes bugs and adds features to the original tool" - Etsy data engineer "I'm super excited to design! Interested in the idea of data driven decision making." - designer Fnordmetric Github Network Graph
  9. 9. Wufoo Surveys ● Automate customer interviews ● Analyze survey responses ○ e.g., by customer segment ○ e.g., by location
  10. 10. Runway and Income Tracking ● Leverage APIs e.g., Quickbooks ● Track income per feature ● Projections of ○ feature costs (time and money) ○ needed investment ○ runway
  11. 11. Raising Venture Capital (Is Hard) seed round analysis by Brendan Baker
  12. 12. Founders need "investor fit" Leverage Angellist and Crunchbase; help founders find the right investors
  13. 13. Benchmarking ● Standardized data from Lean Workbench APIs will allow startups to benchmark against each other Benchmarking from Crunchbase Data alone, by
  14. 14. Our Market 158,372 companies on AngelList, most of which are early stage. 1,429 teams on Launchpad Central. 653 I-Corps Teams
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