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This exhibits a range of my art direction experience.

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  1. 1. CHRIS HOOVER | ar t director | 15 years experience | I’m a hands on Designer/Art Director with experience in print, web and branding for a wide range of companies and have worked in-house and for agencies. I’ve worked on big and small brand names with successful results. P package design NEW PRODUCT | These label designs were for a new high-end water with an exclusive audience in spas, competitive sports and nightclubs. KATS | Logo design for an industrial protective coating product. MANNATECH | I redesigned several existing categories of health supplements to make the brand image more consistent.
  2. 2. CHRIS HOOVER | ar t director | 15 years experience | STUDY ISLAND | I designed all of the product for this educational/technology company. These are a few of the dozen teacher and school system website templates I created. W web template design
  3. 3. CHRIS HOOVER | ar t director | 15 years experience | P print brochure web LANDSTAR HOMES | I designed a new look for their sales brochure. Updated, large photography and an up-to-date color palette designed into a large format booklet created a story that sold the great details offered in these high-end homes. Their logo is a star so I used the 5-star idea on the cover to convey excellence. Cover: heavy uncoated paper with embossed gloss black stars. Inset above: website. E exhibit design MANNATECH | 100,000 sq ft of convention space was used to promote this international company’s product. My sketches were approved. I directed designers, writers and numerous exhibit company staff.
  4. 4. CHRIS HOOVER | ar t director | 15 years experience | COPYHIPPIE | Fortunately for me writers are very creative and this writer wanted a website. This lifestyle environment site was a reflection of the writers style. I worked with her on the concept then with the idea of simplicity and full-screen photos I built the site in Dreamweaver. Most of the images are multiple images assembled in Photoshop to create the environments. W web | interactive
  5. 5. CHRIS HOOVER | ar t director | 15 years experience | L logo D direct mail P poster VMC LANDSCAPE | Branded the company as “the gardeners”, wrote headlines, art directed photoshoots of gardener and properties. Designed series of seasonal emails and postcards to generate business throughout the year.
  6. 6. CHRIS HOOVER | ar t director | 15 years experience | AZILLIA | I was asked to design the look and feel of this commercial/social network site. The job ended up being about user interface and defining function as much as look and feel. My design input provided clarity and direction which helped motivate people and move the project forward. The site is currently in development. W social web design