Social + Media: What's Needed Next (Drupalcon Keynote)


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I wanted to challenge the Drupal community and inspire, from the feedback on Twitter, looks like we did ok.

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Social + Media: What's Needed Next (Drupalcon Keynote)

  1. 1. Social + Media What We Need Next 3 September 2009, Drupalcon Paris Chris Heuer Founder, Social Media Club Creative Catalyst, AdHocnium Frustrated Drupal Customer
  2. 2. Hi, my name is Chris... • I took computer programming classes at Miami-Dade Community College when I was 13 (on a TRS-80) • My first game system was an Atari 2600 (still have it) • My first computer was a Mac SE I used to play with HyperCards • I had my first experience as a Super User in 1995 and it was oh so sweet...
  3. 3. The Internet became my career • Guru Communications, 1994 I learned to build sites in BBEdit (still have the t-shirt) • Virtual Community Network,1995 • Miami Ad School, 1996-1998 • Chief, eBusiness, U.S. Mint, 1999 I was a numismatist as a kid... and as an adult • InfoApps, 2000 • Conversal, 2000
  4. 4. Being social became my way of life • Insytes, 2004 • 1st BarCamp, 2005 • BrainJams, 2005 • Social Media Club, 2006 If you get it, share it • The Conversation Group, 2007 • AdHocnium, 2008
  5. 5. essentially I am a geek. and apparently, I have always thought geeks were cool :)
  6. 6. interestingly
  7. 7. I designed and built an enterprise CMS for Palm between 2002 and 2005
  8. 8. but I am not just a geek entrepreneur or a marketing wanker
  9. 9. I think holistically
  10. 10. so why am I here today?
  11. 11. I am also a frustrated Drupal Customer (or rather, a wannabe customer)
  12. 12. Social Media Club’s (and my) experience with Drupal...
  13. 13. More on this later, let’s talk about Social + Media
  14. 14. social media is not the thing, as much as it is what we do with it, SHARING media, socializing it and connecting through it
  15. 15. it’s more art than science @davegray
  16. 16. Social Media, A Brief History • Cave Paintings • Hieroglyphs • Written Word • Guttenberg • Radio • Television • Mimeograph • Web • Weblogging • Social Networking
  17. 17. point being, all media is, or can be SOCIAL
  18. 18. the ‘democratization’ of communications technologies is advancing at an ever increasing rate (just ask Ray Kurzweil)
  19. 19. this is good, and its also challenging (especially for early adopters)
  20. 20. So let’s think more critically about what we have learned from Social Media so far
  21. 21. But first, let’s look back to dotcom era •The Three C’s • Content • Commerce • Community
  22. 22. The framework for a social operating system •The Four C’s • Context • Communications • Collaboration • Connections 4
  23. 23. Success using this framework is values based • The Social Media Principles • Be Human • Be Aware • Be Honest • Be Respectful • Be a Participant • Be Open • Be courageous
  24. 24. What do you value?
  25. 25. a story about respect
  26. 26. point: everyone has value to contribute (especially if they are different then you)
  27. 27. lets look beyond social media, lets look at the BIGGER PITCTURE
  28. 28. Jeff Jarvis calls the modern era “The Great Restructuring”
  29. 29. the perfect storm
  30. 30. we are finally realizing that all organizations are made of people and all organizations are social
  31. 31. “what makes these times interesting is that all companies are media companies” - Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher
  32. 32. All modern organizations are media companies
  33. 33. All modern organizations are media companies
  34. 34. All modern organizations are media companies
  35. 35. All modern organizations are media companies
  36. 36. All modern organizations are media companies
  37. 37. All modern organizations are media companies
  38. 38. All modern organizations are media companies
  39. 39. All modern organizations are media companies
  40. 40. All modern organizations are media companies
  41. 41. Will it Blend’s Marketing Department is Profitable
  42. 42. this is the real opportunity for Drupal to serve, at its core, the common need of all organizations to behave as media companies
  43. 43. in times of disruptive change many people get (or feel) hurt
  44. 44. FUD Fear Uncertainty Doubt
  45. 45. social media (and drupal) is changing the way we relate to each other, the organizations we serve and the organizations that serve us
  46. 46. truth is we can no longer afford to look at the world as
  47. 47. Us vs. Them
  48. 48. the thing is, this is what we were taught, this is what we found as true.
  49. 49. we must transcend this
  50. 50. which brings me back to my love/hate relationship with Drupal
  51. 51. a problem of perception
  52. 52. a problem of perception (I asked twitter and they confirmed it)
  53. 53. What is Drupal? • gilliatt@chrisheuer I suspect that the "general public" response to that question would be a blank stare. • lisapadilla@chrisheuer drupal is the content management system we've been promised since web 1.0 and earlier • ScottGentzen@chrisheuer I'd always assumed that Drupal was a linux distribution. • obilon@chrisheuer It's a city in Southeast Asia. A capital of some country. Am I right? ;)
  54. 54. What is Drupal? • sherisaid@chrisheuer drupal is sort of like Joomla and then again totally not. • socialmediabham@chrisheuer Drupal is that thing "that" guy talks about when we start to talk about WordPress as a CMS... • michaelpearsun@chrisheuer It is a CMS. Like WP only more robust. This can also mean complicated. Has a loyal user group. Terrible internal search. Blue. • jeremywright@chrisheuer It's a platform where it's harder to build simple things, but easier to build complex things. IF you know what you're doing.
  55. 55. What is Drupal? • TWalk@chrisheuer Drupal = an innovative framework for building Web sites. • sborsch@chrisheuer Drupal today is a "content management platform for geeks" striving to become a "social publishing platform for power users" • bryanhouse@chrisheuer #drupal is a social publishing platform to build websites that unite content and community • nikan@chrisheuer an application framework packaged as a CMS • fucktwtr@chrisheuer Drupal is like Lego for building Web 2.0 sites -just plug together modules and, viola! And because it's open source, it's free!
  56. 56. Dries talked of moving beyond a framework and becoming a product. I don’t think that goes far enough.
  57. 57. Drupal needs to be an easy to use easy to scale easy to love SOLUTION
  58. 58. You are here.
  59. 59. where do you want to go?
  60. 60. are you going to take the leap? or are you going to fall off the cliff?
  61. 61. The Drupal community needs to grow up
  62. 62. it feels as if this is puberty all over again
  63. 63. the social media community and the Drupal community share some problems and growing pains
  64. 64. With success, we deal with... • With newfound popularity, comes pains of change • New, clueless, and self proclaimed “experts” are hurting us, causing harm • There is a more diverse group of ‘users’ making it harder to be ‘user-centric’ in thinking about the industry
  65. 65. we stand at the crossroads
  66. 66. which is why we must ask more powerful questions, look in the mirror and answer them honestly
  67. 67. it really does take a village
  68. 68. look after the WHOLE of the community
  69. 69. think holistically about user experience and needs
  70. 70.
  71. 71. most importantly, ask more powerful questions like...
  72. 72. W.W.S.D.
  73. 73. W.W.S.D. (What Would Steve Do?)
  74. 74. W.W.L.D.
  75. 75. W.W.L.D. (What Would Linus Do?)
  76. 76. W.W.L.D. seriously, ask him
  77. 77. but most importantly
  78. 78. W.W.D.D.
  79. 79. W.W.D.D. (What Will Drupal Do?)
  80. 80. What it is... is up to you.
  81. 81. so let’s talk @ChrisHeuer