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Experience Design and your Customer's Journey

  1. Experience Design and Your Customer's Journey How the market is changing and what you can do to win the future. Chris Heuer @ChrisHeuer #EEC2015 Presentation, 19 November 2015
  2. 2                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  3. My journey here… 23 anos                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  4.                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  5. … it didn’t last                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  6. … I got an ulcer at 24!                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  7. 7 empathy                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  8. 8 I’ve almost always been wrong…                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  9. I’ve almost always been wrong… or rather, I've been at the wrong time.                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  10. 10 I'm a futurist. I spot patterns before the language exists to explain it.                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  11. The Power of C The 3 C’s of the DotCom era •  Content •  Community •  Commerce                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  12. The Power of C The 4 C’s of social media •  Connections •  Context •  Communications •  Collaboration 4                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  13. The Power of C The 5 C’s of Conscious Capitalism •  Cause •  Commons •  Co-creation •  Competence •  Coordination 5                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  14. BREAK FREE From what we’ve always done to do what we’re meant to do
  15. the biggest opportunity of the century
  16. (Experience  Design)   Purpose   Business  is   exponen2ally   greater  with   purpose  
  17. Design meaningful experiences for the customer journey                    @ChrisHeuer                                       Behavior   =   Knowledge   Persona  ƒ  
  18. Values, not Value, win hearts, minds and wallets                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  19. Transparency = Accountability
  20. Decentralization, democratization and activation                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  21. Be Helpful The Rysing Tyde that lifts all people  
  22. TREND7                      @ChrisHeuer                                      
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  24.                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  25. *   from marketing                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  26. *   to market engagement                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  27. What guides our strategy?                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  28. The Experience Curve                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  29. Stories Data Labor Attention Revenue                    @ChrisHeuer                                       REAL Relationships (Reciprocal, Empathetic, Authentic and Loyal) The Engagement Curve
  30.                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  31. The era of Experience & Purpose                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  32. Need New Mindsets, Methods & Measures • Radical Customer Centricity • Experience Design • REAL Relationships                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  33. Engagement framework and tools                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  34. ”   Engagement is interaction with intention that goes beyond concern for the transaction“                      @ChrisHeuer                                      
  35. •  Trust   •  Insights   •  AFenGon   •  Data   •  Stories   •  Labor   •  More  $  in,  less  $  out   •  Loyalty   What is the ROI of Empathy & Engagement?                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  36.                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  37.                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  38. Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic In Store Online Partner Omnichannel Engagement Matrix                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  39. Start with your core purpose & an understanding of your key audiences/personas What are they getting on their own? What are they getting with our assistance? What are they getting from others? Topics    This  is  your  keywords,  tags,  SEO  strategy  and        editorial  focus.   Communities    Not  only  the  communiGes  of  interest  around        topics,  but  also  the  self-­‐idenGfying  ones.   Geography    If  you  are  truly  engaging  customers,  you  enable        both  online  and  offline  connecGons.   Actions    What  are  the  things  that  they  want  to  do  but  what        you  want  them  to  do  (buy,  subscribe,  join…)   The Engagement Wheel                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  40.                    @ChrisHeuer                                       Oracle’s Customer Journey Map
  41.                    @ChrisHeuer                                       IBM Journey Designer Tool
  42. Embrace • Design thinking • Iteration • Never ending improvement • Stakeholder feedback loops • Cooperative conflict                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  43. Key Benefits •  Decrease cost of sales •  Increase loyalty •  Accelerate innovation •  Attract the top talent •  Decrease employee turnover •  Become partner of choice and the biggest of all…                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  44. Switching  costs  of  REAL  RelaGonships  are  high…  
  45.                    @ChrisHeuer                                      
  46. Experience Design & Your Customer’s Journey @ChrisHeuer Win the Future!