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Bat Credentials Deck


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Learn about BAT's strategy-focused consulting services including Brand Synthesis®, Brand Activation™, and Brand Acceleration™

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Bat Credentials Deck

  1. 1. Where Brand Art and Technology converge
  2. 2. we are:~ brand architects~ transformation agents~ story-tellers
  3. 3. we work with:~ start-ups seeking to accelerate their growth curve~ mid-stage companies positioning for rapid growth~ established brands optimizing new or existing channels
  4. 4. our clients:start-ups mid-stage established
  5. 5. client success:~ 50+ clients~ 25+  funded~ 10+ acquired~ 4 IPOs~ In 4+ years
  6. 6. the magic: Brand Synthesis~ a framework to understand your business & craft a brand~ distilled from leading agencies, luminaries and SGSB~ designed to drive customer-centric thinking & story-telling
  7. 7. how it works: transformation agent~ start with objectives~ understand the offering, the customer, the landscape~ capture and/or craft the brand story~ validate with stakeholders / customers~ make it actionable
  8. 8. driving results: telling the storyBusinessStrategyBrand StrategyActivation StrategyTacticsBrand Synthesis®Capturing, refining or crafting fundamental strategiccomponents:• Core Purpose• Brand Promise• PositioningBrand Activation™Converting core strategies into actionable strategiesincluding:• Target Audience Frameworks• Marketing Strategy• Digital Strategy• Conversion Strategy• Operations StrategyBrand Acceleration™Converting strategic plans into active tactics:• Creative, Technical & Operational Direction• Acceleration Management
  9. 9. telling the story: digital strategyBAT is recognized by B2B Magazine as the leader in craftingconversion-oriented websites. We creative and technical directexperiences rooted in an understanding of your brand and target-audience, and designed to engage the visitor in conversion journeys.
  10. 10. telling the story: conversion strategyConversion strategies fail when focused on numbers and tactics.They thrive when targeting personas with unique and compellingcontent grounded in emotional and salient offers. BAT’s tenaciousfocus on your customer drives better strategies that deliver results.
  11. 11. telling the story: archivalThe previous slides provide a taste of what theBATstudio hasaccomplished since 2008. Prior to that our Principal has creative oraccount directed for some of the world’s most recognized brands....
  12. 12. christopher harmon / principal510-339-7300info@thebatstudio.comhttp://www.thebatstudio.comfb: thebatstudio / tw: cjharmon