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Announcing StencilJS


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The magical, reusable web component compiler from the folks who built the Ionic Framework!

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Announcing StencilJS

  1. 1. What "is" Stencil • A compiler for web components • Based on TypeScript, uses JSX • Builds optimized Custom Elements • Virtual DOM, Server Side, Pre-compilation, Async Rendering, One-way data- binding, JSX • Inspired by the best parts of Angular, React, Vue, Preact, Polymer, etc. • Driven entirely to take full advantage of the browser.
  2. 2. Built for PWAs • Blazin' fast startup • Focused on first-paint and Time-To-Interactive (TTI) • Tiny file sizes (faster startup) • Instead of sending runtime code to client, let the browser do the work • Animations and gestures not required for first paint • (What's good for PWAs, is just as good for Cordova apps, too)
  3. 3. Encouraging results (sample app data) • 3G TTI: 4x faster (2.78s vs 11s, moto g) • LTE TTI: 6.2x faster (0.8s vs 5s, Galaxy S7) • Bundle size: 10x smaller (gzipped/minified) • Bundle for first view: 10x smaller (39KB vs 422KB) • Build time (full prod): ~13x faster (3.87s vs 50s)
  4. 4. Lazy Loading (without Webpack) • All components are lazy loaded by default • Webpack overhead is not needed • Does not use HTML imports • Stencil registers known components tags, and no more • The browser decides exactly which components it needs • User download core component code for only what they need • Filenames are hashed by default to enable 'forever' caching
  5. 5. import { Component, Prop } from '@stencil/core'; @Component({ tag: 'my-first-component', styleUrl: 'my-first-component.scss' }) export class MyComponent { // Indicate that name should be a public property on the component @Prop() name: string; render() { return ( <p> My name is {} </p> ); } }
  6. 6. Don't take my word for it… • Stencil Starter: • • HackerNews App: • • Async Queue Performance Demo: • •