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Website redesign nightmares infographic


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Avoid these 9 website redesign horrors!

Get more info on how to avoid them by downloading the free PDF "blackpaper" here:

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Website redesign nightmares infographic

  1. 1. The Top 9 Website Redesign Nightmares to Vanquish! Are you considering a website redesign? Beware the horrors that plague traditional revolutionary redesigns. Zombies Zombies move mindlessly in large packs, drawn in by any random noise or movement. Website Redesign Zombies also travel in groups, slavishly following so-called “best practices” without ever testing if they truly apply to their own circumstances. To help preserve their body, a Mummy’s brains and innards are removed. Website Redesign Mummies are always wrapped up in following the “the shiny new tactic.”   % 49 Only     of website redesign projects finish and launch on time. Mummies     Princesses Gremlins Given their small size and ability to hide, Website Redesign Gremlins are difficult to spot. Even if your conversion rate could have the potential to be lifted, these gremlins could be hiding in areas and causing your overall conversion rate to drop. The Princess doesn’t have to actually accomplish anything. Your website, on the other hand, does. By using the Goals Waterfall, Conversion Champions maintain a direct line of site from the website’s goals up to business goals. Scary HiPPO HiPPO? No, not the savannah, mudrolling type of hippo. I’m talking about the highest-paid person’s opinion. When crucial decisions about your website redesign aren’t challenged or supported by data – you’re about to be crushed by the Website Redesign HiPPO Frankenstein’s Monster Once a major redesign is started, every department will have an opinion, and will want to control it or get their content front and center on the home page. Vampire The Website Redesign Vampire is smooth-talking and charismatic. No only do they suck your budget, they don’t stick around for long. They love you and leave you until the next redesign cycle.   % 24 Only         of marketers are extremely happy with their last website redesign The Scope Creep The Invisible Man There are a load of creeps lurking around on Halloween, but the scariest website redesign creep is Website Redesign Scope Creep. What starts off as a simple change becomes more complicated as different people clamor for new features. A full-scale website redesign can often affect web page URLs, the underlying code, and the distribution of content – all of which can have a negative impact in your hard-won SEO ranking – turning your new site into a Website Redesign Invisible Man! Free 21-Page Blackpaper Download Learn how to overcome these website redesign ghouls. Read the full blackpaper: Website Redesign Horror Stories, The Top 9 Nightmares to Vanquish Download Now: Brought to you by *Source: “You Should Test That!” by Chris Goward, ISBN: 978-1118301302 **Source: WiderFunnel Blog, Introduction to Evolutionary Site Redesign ***Source: The Science of Website Redesign, Hubspot