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Who needs Visual Studio? - Philly.NET Code Camp 2016

A Look at .NET Core everywhere else

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Who needs Visual Studio? - Philly.NET Code Camp 2016

  1. 1. Who needs Visual Studio? A look at .NET Core everywhere else Chris Gomez @SpaceShot Slide deck:
  2. 2. Chris Gomez • Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio Tools and Technologies • Co-host of the Static Void Podcast • Philly Game Works - - @phillygameworks
  3. 3. Prerequisites • Linux, Windows, or Mac OS • to install • Other tools • Chocolatey (optional, I use it to get NodeJS) • Node/NPM (to get other tools) • Bower (to restore client side libraries, cause it’s package managers all the way down) • Git (because Bower) • Yeoman (Yo) to generate projects from generator-aspnet
  4. 4. Prerequisites • Three ways to make projects today • Visual Studio 2015 • dotnet new • yo aspnet (requires Yeoman) • Optional • VirtualBox or Hyper-V to r++un on Linux • Or use your Mac • Or use Linux on the metal • You can do all this on Windows, too.
  5. 5. Resources • .NET Standard • A side-channel explanation for why we have .NET Core • standard/ • .NET Core Documentation • • ASP.NET Core Documentation •
  6. 6. Resources • Omnisharp (enabling cross-platform support in the editor of your choice) •