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Who Needs Visual Studio?


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This talk was about developing with .NET Core on and for Linux. In the demos, we used Ubuntu Linux.

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Who Needs Visual Studio?

  1. 1. Who needsVisual Studio? .NET Core on Linux Chris Gomez @SpaceShot
  2. 2. Who needsVisual Studio? .NET Core on Linux Chris Gomez @SpaceShot
  3. 3. Chris Gomez •First software was in BASIC on DOS 2.1 •Writing software professionally onWindows platforms since 1993 •Microsoft MVP inVisual StudioTools and Development Technologies •Publishing and Deployment Examples •Contributor to the StaticVoid Podcast
  4. 4. Agenda •What is .NET Core? •Acquiring .NET Core •Development Experience •Publishing and Deployment Examples
  5. 5. What is .NET Core? .NET Core is a new platform • Cross platform implementation • Windows • Linux distributions • Mac • Current support for x64 CPUs • X86 supported onWindows • ARM64 and ARM32 in progress
  6. 6. What is .NET Core? .NET Core is: • Bias towards platform agnostic • Console and ASP.NET models today • Open Source • Contribute to code or documentation • Language Support: C# and F# now • Visual Basic listed as future support
  7. 7. What is .NET Core? Introducing .NET Standard - We already have many “.NETs”
  8. 8. What is .NET Core? .NET Core does not: • Meld into your machine like .NET Framework • Require in-place upgrade for every “app” running on a server • Include .NET Core in your app • Install side-by-side on machine • Implement everything you remember from .NET Framework • Example: Code Access Security,WPF, WCF
  9. 9. What about .NET Framework? • .NET Framework 4.6.2 released in August 20161 • .NET Framework 4.7 released in April 20172 .NET Framework continues a framework forWindows. 1 2
  10. 10. What is ASP.NET Core? • ASP.NET Core is an open source and cross platform framework • ASP.NET Core MVC – Building presentation layers andWeb APIs • Entity Framework Core – Cross platform data access .NET Framework Windows .NET Core Windows, Linux, Mac ASP.NET Core Runs on .NET Framework / .NET Core ASP.NET Runs on .NET Framework
  11. 11. Prerequisites (Options to get you going) • Virtual Machine • VirtualBox • Hyper-V • Or use your Mac • Or use Linux on the metal • You can do all this onWindows, too.
  12. 12. Prerequisites • Nodejs and NPM • Prerequisite forYeoman and other NPM installable tools • Yeoman (yo) – Scaffolding for apps • generator-aspnet (yeoman generator) • Info: • Bower – Client side package restore • Yeoman uses bower: npm install –g bower
  13. 13. Acquiring .NET Core -The Home for .NET
  14. 14. Acquiring .NET Core
  15. 15. Acquiring .NET Core
  16. 16. “HelloWorld” on .NET Core Whole Process:Three minutes
  17. 17. Tooling Options for Linux • Visual Studio Code • OmniSharp • Bring your favorite editor: • JetBrains Rider • Prerequisites: Mono (mono-complete) MSBuild (msbuild)
  18. 18. GettingVisual Studio Code
  19. 19. Get the C# extension
  20. 20. Demo Development Experience
  21. 21. Creating New Projects • dotnet command • Bring projects over fromVisual Studio • JetBrains Rider • Yeoman Generator
  22. 22. Survey of Cloud Options • Amazon Web Services • Deploying an ASP.NET CoreApplication with AWS Elastic Beanstalk • Creating .NET Core AWS Lambda Projects withoutVisual Studio
  23. 23. Survey of Cloud Options • Google Cloud Platform • Scott Hanselman tries GCP with ASP.NET Core • Google Cloud Platform Blog – Managing containerized ASP.NET Core apps with Kubernetes
  24. 24. Survey of Cloud Options • Containers • Docker Installation on Linux:
  25. 25. Demo Publishing and Creating Docker Images
  26. 26. Summary • .NET Core • Lightweight • Less Intrusive • Cross-Platform • Acquiring .NET Core • Ubuntu Linux: apt-get • Development Experience • Visual Studio Code • Publishing and Deployment Example
  27. 27. Further Study Kathleen Dollard An independent look at the arc of .NET Jon Galloway Getting the best out of ASP.NETCore in Azure
  28. 28. Further Study Jeff Fritz Advanced .NET Core and .NET Standard in 2017 Steve Lasker and Glenn Condron DeployingASP.Net Core applications using Docker Containers
  29. 29. Who needsVisual Studio? .NET Core on Linux Chris Gomez @SpaceShot