Solid waste mapd 2012


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Solid waste mapd 2012

  1. 1. Amy DonovanProgram DirectorFranklin County Solid Waste Management District2012 Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors (MAPD) Conference
  2. 2. • Regional management of municipal solid waste• Member municipalities pay assessments• Fee for serviceServices:• Bundle waste hauling bids• Educational services• Regional grants, special projects• Hazardous/ special waste collectionsMass DEP Sustainable Materials Recycling Program Grant:Pilot Programs and Regional InitiativesFormation of Regional Solid Waste/Recycling District• “…significant potential for more regional cooperation in certain areas.”• $10,000 - $50,000 in funding for a 1-year project or $10,000 -$100,000 for a 2-year project.
  3. 3. Hilltown Resource Management CooperativeSouthern Berkshire Solid Waste Management District
  4. 4.  Bernardston Buckland Charlemont Colrain Conway Deerfield Erving Gill Hawley Heath Leverett Leyden Montague New Salem (CC since 2009) Northfield (CC since 2008) Orange (CC since 2011) Rowe Shelburne Sunderland Warwick Wendell Whately (CC since 2003)22 member towns: 500 square miles, 30 public schools,17 transfer stations, 4 municipal compost programs
  5. 5.  Annual Household Hazardous Waste Day Biannual Bulky Waste Day (+ e-waste) Sharps Disposal Program Special Event Recycling Materials Loan Program What Do I Do With…? 350 items listed MassRecycle’s Recycler of the Year: FC Solid Waste District, Municipal Program, 1996 Jan Ameen, Executive Director, 2005 Amy Donovan, Program Director, 2011
  6. 6.  MRF currently pays 74 western Mass municipalities$15.67/ton + revenue, now about $45/ton Solid Waste District on MRF Advisory Board (MAB) MAB = annual Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Guide
  7. 7. “Commercial Composting”=“Organics Recycling”=“On-Farm”=“Food Waste”…goes way beyond the backyard bin!
  8. 8. Generally accepts: All food including items not composted at home: Meat, chicken, fish, bones, dairy, fats, oils All paper including non recyclable: Paper cups, paper plates, napkins, paper towels, waxedcardboard, soiled paper, soiled pizza boxes Wood: skewers, chopsticks, coffee stirrers, sporks “Compostable plastic:” PLA cups, certain bags NO plastic, metal, glass, foil, etc.!
  9. 9.  Save money on tipping fees: MSW (trash): $75/ ton Compostables: $45/ ton Reduce trash p/u or dumpster size = reducedtrash disposal /hauling costs Supports infrastructure for organics recycling:local composting facilities, farms, anaerobicdigestion Saves space in landfills Creates valuable soil amendment from waste Mitigates climate change!
  10. 10. Climate Change is caused by greenhouse gases inour atmosphere.Greenhouse Gases:Carbon DioxideMethaneNitrous Oxide(School slides)
  11. 11. • Biodegradables decaying in anaerobic landfills release methane.• Methane is a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbondioxide.• Landfill Gas Recovery not always a solution.• For every ton of food waste composted, nearly a ton of greenhousegas emissions is avoided (MassDEP).Methane pipe at a landfill
  12. 12. More info:Why doesn’t composting release methane? Because oxygen is part ofthe composting process (aerobic). There is no oxygen in a landfill.Windrow turnerat Martin’s Farm,Greenfield, MA
  13. 13. Martin’s Farm accepts 10 tons/organics day from schools:Pioneer HS,Turners Falls HSMohawk HS,Northfield ES,Deerfield ES,Erving ES,Sunderland ES,Amherst, more..transferstations:Northfield,Vernon VT,markets:Big Y stores,Stop & Shop,Co-Op Markets,plusrestaurants…
  14. 14. Windrows at Martin’s Farm:150 yards long
  15. 15. WindrowsBear Path Farm, Whately MA
  16. 16.  San Francisco, Seattle, Ontario, Halifax NSMassachusetts: Only 1 municipal curbside program: Hamilton/ Wenham (About 8 municipal drop off programs) Mass DEP SMRP grant opportunitiesSan Francisco’scompost, trash, recycle bins
  17. 17. Gill Elementary: all food, milkcartons, paper in greencompostable bagBag= “Comp-lete” fromFortune Plastics• 15 of 30 FCSWMD schools• Up to 89% of school lunch canbe composted• + kitchen, classroom waste2 yard compost dumpster:
  18. 18.  Plan for plenty of space for different types of dumpsters Loading docks: adequate electrical for compactors Pictured: One 8 yard trash dumpster and two 8 yardorganics dumpsters at Pioneer Valley Regional School,Northfield, which has a 70% diversion rate.
  19. 19. Free resources: MA DEP Green Team: free recycling/ compostingequipment, activities, contests ACE Climate Assembly: www.acespace.orgMass DEP SMRP Grants: School districts School organics
  20. 20.  5 eateries, 1 shared compost dumpster Cost is prorated according to volume SFABA and FCSWMD manage program Shredded paper: Mirick Insurance, Trailside Health (free) Bridge of Flowers: garden waste (free)
  21. 21.  EPA and MassDEP: less than 5% food waste iscurrently diverted from disposal. MA could increase diversion by 1 million tons. MassDEP Solid Waste Master Plan: 2014: Waste Ban on Commercial Food Waste Need more infrastructure for implementation MassDEP Sustainable Materials Recovery ProgramGrant: New regional Anaerobic Digester and/or Food WasteComposting Projects $500,000
  22. 22.  FREE – assists businesses and institutions tomaximize recycling, reuse, and compostingopportunities. “Find-A-Recycler” databasePedal People,Northampton’sbike poweredwaste haulers
  23. 23. Western MA: Triple T Trucking: dumpsters $70/ 2 yd., $130/ 4 yd., p/u weekly Alternative Recycling: toters Allied Waste: dumpstersEastern MA: Save That Stuff, Cambridge/ Boston EL Harvey, Central/ Eastern MA Black Earth Hauler, North ShoreCompost Facilities: Sumner Martinson, MassDEP Your DEP Municipal Assistance Coordinator (MAC)
  24. 24. Waste Diversion: public spaces,special events
  25. 25.  25,000 attendees, 4 days 2011 Fair: 29% diversion rate 50% savings: disposal costs
  26. 26. Pictured: RecyclingVolunteers atConway Festival ofthe HillsSolid WasteDistrict’sSpecial Event BinLoaner Program
  27. 27. Shelburne Falls andNorthampton MA:MassCor: $170 eachGreen Communities:Big Belly solar trashcompactor / for municipalities
  28. 28. Amy DonovanProgram DirectorFranklin County Solid Waste Management District50 Miles StreetGreenfield, MA 01301(413)