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Taking a Bite in the Middle: Implementing Digital Portfolios in FYC Courses

This presentation explores the benefit of implementing single-document digital portfolios in a first-year writing course. I position these portfolios as an accessible, flexible middle ground between traditional paper portfolios and fully online electronic portfolios.

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Taking a Bite in the Middle: Implementing Digital Portfolios in FYC Courses

  1. 1. Taking aBite in the Chris Friend (@chris_friend)Middle University of Central Florida
  2. 2. Debate Over Delivery Student Portfolio
  3. 3. thin k theyWhat Students ^Know
  4. 4. Features of Word**or pretty much any document editor these days• Automated page numbering• Automated tables of contents• Formatting styles• Comments & Document metadata• Hyperlinks• Master Documents
  5. 5. 5 SkillsStudentsWouldLearn
  6. 6. Rely on styles.
  7. 7. Consistency
  8. 8. Machine-readability
  9. 9. Track sources. • External References • Peer contributions
  10. 10. What wecould see
  11. 11. [The image of peer-reviewed work with comments from multiple students has been omitted from this copy of the presentation out of respect for the students’ privacy.] Image showed multi-colored commentary and highlighted changes to emphasize theconversation around—and work behind—the text, rather than only the text itself.
  12. 12. Use hyperlinks.
  13. 13. sources (Coleman 383). Within aColeman, Anita. "Instruments of Cognition: Use documentof Citations and Web Links in Online TeachingMaterials." Journal of the American Society forInformation Science and Technology. 56.4(2005): 382-392. Web. To other documents
  14. 14. Add metadata.
  15. 15. Possible Tags• Authors’ contact info• Project details• Keywords
  16. 16. What if…?
  17. 17. Convert files.
  18. 18. 1. Rely on styles2. Track sources3. Use hyperlinks4. Add metadata5. Convert files
  19. 19. The Bytein theMiddle
  20. 20. Thank YouChris Friend (@chris_friend)University of Central Florida
  21. 21. Gratitude: Visual Credits• Color palette (“undecided”) by Tzadkiel on• Title slide image (“C is for Coronary”) by somegeekintn on Flickr• File cabinet & address bar courtesy Microsoft• Hammer and bent nail courtesy Microsoft• Metal letterpress by nutmeg66 on Flickr• Chips and silicon courtesy of Microsoft• Recycle tag courtesy Microsoft• Notes, Pages, and Photos app icons from Apple; PDF icon from Adobe, Word icon from Microsoft, and OpenOffice icon from Apache. All were used completely without permission. Oops.• Cookie bite from Lara604 on Flickr