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Managing Expectations: Directed Self-Placement for In-Person or Online Courses

Reviews insights gathered from students and teachers working on f2f and hybrid versions of an outcomes-based first-year composition program at a large research university. Proposes an approach for directed self-placement that draws from student experiences and awareness, balancing them with teacher expectations for the courses.

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Managing Expectations: Directed Self-Placement for In-Person or Online Courses

  1. 1. Managing ExpectationsChris Friend (@chris_friend)University of Central Florida
  2. 2. Courses in the 2000sOnline: Exciting Hybrid: Effective
  3. 3. Online courses started theconversation; hybrids won support from research.Practice has not caught up.
  4. 4. New Laws
  5. 5. Florida’s high-school students are required to take one fully onlinecourse before graduation.
  6. 6. Meet theMOOC
  7. 7. MOOCs are newsworthy but uncommon for traditional students.
  8. 8. Course Registration
  9. 9. Course Registration
  10. 10. Course Registration
  11. 11. Students use scheduleand instructor reviews to choose classes.
  12. 12. The Disparity Teachers Students Desired class “meetings” weekly deadlines Flexibility Needed converted direct assistance Guidance instruction Source of learning styles content typesPreparedness
  13. 13. Student/teacher expectations for onlinecourses differ drastically. FYC students have no experience with hybrid courses…
  14. 14. Course Content Humanities Sciences processing/writing objective Online time assessments idea complexity/Face-to-Face procedural tasks conversation
  15. 15. …however, students know what works forthem online. We should use that knowledge to help inform DSP.
  16. 16. Student Needs✤ More than an M✤ Guidance on Variation ✤ scheduling (by definition) ✤ content types (by student) ✤ teaching styles (by instructor)
  17. 17. Directed Self-PlacementFace-to-Face Online Hybrid Hard Sciences Humanities Scheduling vs Independence
  18. 18. Chris Friend Twitter: @chris_friend Email: friend@ucf.eduT hank you.
  19. 19. Gratitude: Visual Credits ✤ Stormtrooper images from JD Hancock on Flickr:✤ Color scheme (You are beautiful) by ✤ Ill-Gotten (title slide image) Sanguine on colourlovers ✤ Invasion: Texas! (capitol building) ✤ The Dark Storm (Batman hybrid)✤ “Cave troll contemplates God, financial accounting” by Kevin ✤ The Death Star plans are not in Dooley on Flickr; used by Jesse the main computer (online Stommel for MOOC MOOC learning) ✤ Imperial Art Appreciation: Black (Thank you sign)