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Pilots & Partnerships: University Academic Computing and University Libraries at WUSTL


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Published in: Education
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Pilots & Partnerships: University Academic Computing and University Libraries at WUSTL

  1. 1. Pilots and Partnerships: University Academic Computing (IS&T) and University LibrariesChris FreelandSenior Director, University Academic Computing Twitter: @chrisfreelandChris HuelsManager, Student Technology Services
  2. 2. Purpose of session  Overview of my background in & around libraries  Describe new role in IS&T and initiatives  Review the recent STS Help Desk pilot in Olin Library (Explain why you’ve seen me in suite 314)
  3. 3. Library as community center  Library as social space   Field trips   Reading programs   Not just materials for loan  Library as service provider   Air conditioning in 1970s   Wifi/labs in 2010s
  4. 4. BackgroundM.S., Biological Sciences Eastern Illinois University, 1997B.S., Environmental Biology Eastern Illinois University, 1996 Circulation staff, Booth LibraryDirector, Center for Biodiversity Informatics Missouri Botanical Garden, 2007 – 2012Technical Director Biodiversity Heritage Library, 2007 – 2012
  5. 5. Center for Biodiversity InformaticsMission: Provide innovative technology solutions tothe global community of life science scholars inorder to collect, mobilize, integrate, and repatriatedata about the world’s biodiversity.
  6. 6. Funding  All expenses funded through the support of private foundations and US federal agencies, including:
  7. 7. Cornerstone Projects  Tropicos   Botanical data from collecting expeditions  Biodiversity Heritage Library   Published Literature   1400s – 2010s
  8. 8. Tropicos manages: Gerrit  Davidse  People   Angel  C.  González  Specimens   Davidse  19490        27  Nov  1981   Venezuela,  Anzoategui     10°01N  064°13W  -­‐  10°02N  064°17W  (10.0166600,  -­‐64.2166600)    Loca8ons   Distrito  Libertad:  Road  from  El  Vigia  to  Buenos  Aires,  8-­‐15  airline  km   ENE  of  Bergantán.  Mountain  savanna  (Trachypogon,  Byrsonima,   Curatella)  interdigitaMng  with  deciduous  forest  in  the  drainages.     Rhipidocladum  sibilans  Davidse,  Judz.  &  L.G.  Clark  Names   (Poaceae)  References  Images  
  9. 9. • SQL Server backend• C# .NET web & client• Multiple APIs• Integration with ESRI ArcGIS
  10. 10. Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL)  Consortium of world’s leading natural history libraries, founded in 2007  Goal of digitizing public domain biodiversity literature, and in-copyright materials where negotiable   Pre-1923 in US, other dates internationally  Built to provide page-level access & deep linking   Text mining, data mining, semantic markup  Open scholarship, open data
  12. 12. >100,000 books,> 39 million pages,> 70TB data
  13. 13. Original DescriptionMemoir of a Tour to Northern Mexico: connected with Col. Doniphans Expedition in 1846 and 1847 107. 1848.
  14. 14. Using scientific namefinding algorithms: - TaxonFinder by - NetiNeti by Marine Biological LaboratoryHave identified more than 100 million scientificnames within 40 million scanned pages.
  15. 15. Impact of Tropicos + BHLfor scientists:Single-click access tolibrary resources &scientific data
  16. 16. “I arrived back at work from holidays today to be greeted by Michael, an [sic] colleague researching wasps. He was excited that he had discovered in the Biodiversity Heritage Library a copy of an obscure 1860s book: Saussure, H. de & Sichel, J. (1864). Catalogue des espèces de lancien genre Scolia, contenant les diagnoses, les descriptions et la synonymie des espèces, avec des remarques explicatives er critiques. Genève & Paris : Henri Georg & V. Masson et Fils pp. 1–350 This book was not in our library, probably not in Australia, and almost impossible to get hold of without travelling to the northern hemisphere. Thanks to the BHL for their work in providing access to works of importance. Michael is now able to use detailed content of this book in his work.” -John Tann, Australian Museum
  17. 17. Thinking about change
  18. 18. New role:Sr. Director, University Academic Computing, Information Services & Technology  IS&T worked with other campus leaders to define a need for enhanced organization around administrative and academic computing:   Efficiencies in the way WUSTL staff use systems   Modernization of systems to benefit students  Why on tech side?   Connections to existing infrastructure and development teams
  19. 19. WUSTL Information Services & Technology University Network Customer IS&TAdministrative & Services Services & Administration Academic Shared Computing Technologies Application Network People Care Workstation support Development Engineering & Operations Financial Care Data Warehouse/ Training Info Analytics Communications QA Computing Infrastructure Operations & SW Licensing Infrastructure Network Security Shared SolutionsUniversity Academic Telecom Services Media Services Computing Incident Response Technologies Denise Hirschbeck Craig Hager Rick Tyler Marsha Koch
  20. 20. IS&T University Academic Computing Student StudentUndergraduate Information Technology Admissions Systems Services
  21. 21. New Initiatives  Blackboard & Blackboard Mobile  Portfolio pilot & launch  Degree audit integration  Data analytics, data warehousing   Pulling together data from across the University, make available for reporting & analytics  SU involvement   SyllabiCentral Making systems   iTunes U more student-friendly  Mobile computing (mobile)   Circ app for iOS (Android in dev)   WUSTL Courses app in iOS and Android
  22. 22. Collaborating with students to solve tech problems
  23. 23. Circ app
  24. 24. Help Desk Pilot Chris Huels Manager, STS
  25. 25. Decide the need for STS support services on theDanforth Campus.Determine if Non-South Forty students need basic STSservices.Examine if STS student staff could support this servicelong term.Determine technical collaboration between STS andLibrary.
  26. 26. STS Student StaffLibrary StaffCustomer
  27. 27. 98765 Wireless - 6 Printing - 84 Email - 43 Other - 8210 Tickets Recorded
  28. 28. Twenty-two not living on the S40, and four S40 studentswere assisted Students Helped 4 Non-South 40 South 40 22
  29. 29. •  Develop communication strategy•  Scope of service•  Clarify lines of responsibility
  30. 30. •  STS student staff felt comfortable and still part of the STS “TEAM” while working there•  Library staff was able to refer technical questions to the STS desk•  Students that received service were very satisfied
  31. 31. Questions?Chris FreelandSenior Director, University Academic ComputingWashington University in St. Louis Email: Twitter: @chrisfreeland Blog / info: chrisfreeland.comChris HuelsManager, Student Technology ServicesWashington University in St. Louis Email: