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Software testing for scientists


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A down to earth guide to testing academic software.

Published in: Education
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Software testing for scientists

  1. 1. Testing academic code OR “HOW TO AVOID HAVING TO RETRACT YOUR PAPER”
  2. 2. Meet Dr. Geoffrey Chang
  3. 3. Meet Dr. Geoffrey Chang
  4. 4. Meet Dr. Geoffrey Chang
  5. 5. Types of tests  Smoke tests  Assertion tests  Unit tests
  6. 6. scientists/
  7. 7. Smoke tests
  8. 8. Continuous integration
  9. 9. Assertion tests
  10. 10. Meet Dr. Geoffrey Chang “Since that time, however, Chang has published other papers in the field of structural biology,[4][5] and has been awarded a EUREKA grant, "for exceptionally innovative research projects that could have an extraordinarily significant impact on many areas of science," from the National Institutes of Health.[6]”