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Grassroots GOTV 6.6.09


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Grassroots GOTV 6.6.09

  1. 1. Grassroots Driven Campaigns Making it work on a little money and a few people
  2. 2. Reality Check… • You don’t have George Bush’s name ID. • You won’t raise millions on line like Obama. • You won’t have people quit their jobs drive across the country to come work for you like Howard Dean. • You won’t have people self-organize money bombs like Ron Paul. • CNN, FOX News and Matt Drudge don’t return your calls.
  3. 3. The Good News… 1 You don’t need a million bucks. 2 You don’t need to talk to a million people 3 You don’t need to do 46 press interviews 4 You don’t need to pay big $$$ consultants
  4. 4. Time Money Target Volunteer Message Contact Voting! Voters People
  5. 5. Message Target Voters Volunteers Voting! • Who is • Where are • Family • Absentee affected? they? • Friends • Early/ in- • Who knows • How will • Supporters person you? you reach absentee • Who knows them? • Election Day your • Do they opponent? care?
  6. 6. What is your GOTV/persuasion message? Why do I Contrast Care? After the Up-ticket Comma, clutter
  7. 7. People Touched by Issue People who Ideological Hate the base Other guy Target Voters People who Know you.
  8. 8. Not all voters are created equal New voters, 0/4 and 1/4. 2 of 4 voters 3 of 4 voters 4 contacts 3 contacts 4 of 4 voters 2 contacts contact 1 Better that a voter is irritated and voted…than content and not.
  9. 9. Friends and Family Volunteers Converts Single issue voters
  10. 10. Email PERSONAL…person to person no campaign email blasts The best approach will involve layering all Phone Voice and text from friends of these methods and more. Candidate and volunteers in Door-2-door their own neighborhoods
  11. 11. Who will get the job done for your GOTV effort? Door visit from that guy who Email from friend at work ALWAYS cuts his grass Facebook event invite Text message from from college buddy sister-in-law
  12. 12. Your path to victory Impactful message Targeted voters Organized volunteers Well planned logistics