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AdzZoo Business Opportunity Presentation

  1. 1. 1 Digital MarketingDigital Marketing & Mobile Media& Mobile Media SpecialistsSpecialists
  2. 2. 2 Technology Changes the World
  3. 3. 3 We make it happen for your business!We make it happen for your business!
  4. 4. Where We Spend Our Time 4
  5. 5. The New York Times 5 “…search advertising is probably the most effective form of marketing ever invented.” “No other form of online advertising – or offline advertising, for that matter – has come close to matching the effectiveness of search ads”
  6. 6. Local Advertising • $155 billion spent on local advertising in 2009 • 7.3% online • Projected up to 50% will be spent online within 10 years! • $77 Billion on the move! • Small Business is the last to move 6
  7. 7. $155 Billion…$155 Billion… • Phone Directory • Newspapers • TV/ Radio • Telemarketing • Direct Mail • Print Ads • E-Mail Where is yours? Declining Rapidly DVR/TiVo/ Do Not Call List 1%-2% Yield/Trash can Rising Costs Spam Software 7 Traditional advertising mediums are losing their effectiveness All are Declining MarketsAll are Declining Markets
  8. 8. The Trends are Overwhelming
  9. 9. Having a website isn’t enoughHaving a website isn’t enough • How do people find it? • How do you drive traffic to a website? • Are you satisfied with your current web presence? • What is your competition doing? • How many customers are you losing because of an ineffective web presence? 9 Just GJust Gooooggllee it!!!it!!!
  10. 10. The Next Major Transfer! 10 Local Advertising $
  11. 11. The largest advertising platform in theThe largest advertising platform in the world and growing!world and growing! • Google’s ad revenue for 2008 – $21 bill 2009 23.6 b • # 2 –Time Warner/AOL rev. for 2008 $9 billion »2009 7.1 billion 11 In 2006, there were 2.7 billion searches done per month. In 2009, there were 61 billion searches done per month. 3 billion per day 2010 Emerging MarketEmerging Market
  12. 12. Page 2 and Beyond AKA - No Mans Land •Over 80% of people that search never go past the first page of the search results. •High Ranking essential to online exposure. •How do you get a High Rank? Experts! 12
  13. 13. AdzZoo Solution Starts with Geo-Targeting Technology • Geo-Targeting Technology allow business owners to focus their dollars to a specific geographical market. • No more wasting money on advertising that reaches outside the local business owners market. • Pinpoint the computers and mobile devices within a radius as little as 5 miles to 150 miles. 14
  14. 14. Optimized Landing Page • Relevant information in the correct format coordinated with researched keywords •Managed by Google Certified Experts •This is essential to the success of any web presence campaign. 15 Relevant Information is King!
  15. 15. Search Engine MapsSearch Engine Maps • GoogleGoogle • BingBing • YahooYahoo 16
  16. 16. 17 Smart Phone & GPS DevicesSmart Phone & GPS Devices Local business information pushed out to mobile devices
  17. 17. 18 Local Business Branding on Thousands of HighTraffic Websites
  18. 18. Popular Business Directories 19
  19. 19. Search Engine Results!Search Engine Results! Be Seen on the Premium Pages!Be Seen on the Premium Pages! Be Seen on the Premium PagesBe Seen on the Premium Pages • 20 x More likely to be searched on Google than a directory! • Sponsored links and Organic results managed by expertsexperts. “We are acknowledging that AdWords is really complex for small-business owners” John Hanke, a vice president of product management for Google. New York Times article: 2/13/10 20
  20. 20. Social Networking - facebook • Demography targeted marketing to specific people, markets, and interest. 35 million users update their FB status each day Average user spends 55 minutes per day!!!! •5 million New Per Month •166,000 New Per Day •8 New Users Per Second! 500 Million Globally! 21
  21. 21. Digital Hub Targeting the Local Market 22 Optimized Landing Page Social Networks Search Marketing Major Websites Mobile Marketing
  22. 22. Impression to Engagement $ Only 3% of Marketing Campaigns offer Text 94% Of Text Messages are Read80% of Mobile users keep there device with them all day
  23. 23. Mobile Text Marketing 24
  25. 25. Digital Hub Targeting the Local Market 27 Optimized Landing Page Social Networks Search Marketing Major Websites Mobile Marketing
  26. 26. Campaign Monitoring 28
  27. 27. AdzZoo does all this plus: • We Guarantee Our Service! • Local Representatives • Constant Monitoring & Optimization by Google Certified Experts • Live customer support • No long term contracts • Substantially lower monthly cost 29
  28. 28. Common Sense Comparison:Common Sense Comparison: • Phone Directory • Newspapers • TV • Telemarketing • Direct Mail • Print Ads • E-Mail 30 Most businesses are already spending money to advertise their business, usually in ways that are not as effective as they used to be. AdzZoo simply carves out some of these dollars to help create their complete Geo-Targeted Web Campaign. Save $$$Save $$$Save $$$Save $$$ 1. Turnkey Web Presence Campaign 2. Saves Money 3. More Effective 4. Measurable Results 5. Google 6. Facebook 7. Maps 8. Directories 9. Text Messaging…… $
  29. 29. 31
  30. 30. Testimonials “In the first week, my agency achieved first page placement on Google and I sold 4 policies due to the AdzZoo campaign. Thanks for contacting me regarding AdzZoo” Michael J. Lansford, CIC, CWCA Insurance Services “I own 4 car dealerships in the Brooklyn area. This website went live 7 days ago…already I have received 6 contracts on my desk and closed a $9000 deal just 30 minutes ago from this ad” Tony, “We started our campaign 1 month ago and couldn’t be happier with the results. It became obvious immediately that phone calls regarding rentals and leases had increased substantially. University Villages is showing up consistently #1 or #2 on search engines when potential clients are looking for apartments in the area. AdzZoo is, without question, the VERY BEST use of our advertising dollars. Lane Etheridge, Property Mgr, University Villages, Starkville, MS “As a partner in a well established full service law firm, we are always looking for ways to attract new business in the highly competitive market. Within days of signing up, our website was on the first page of Google…. Within days signed up two new cases as a direct result of the internet presence created for us by AdzZoo. Thank you” C.P.I. Esq.
  31. 31. 33
  32. 32. Google Stats: $1 spent = $8 returned • COLUMBUS, Ohio- Google says its search and advertising tools generated $54 billion of economic activity in 2009 . • Google's search results show that for every • $1 a small business spends on Google AdWords, it collects an average of $8. • Source 34
  33. 33. 35
  34. 34. AdzZoo Pricing • Starts as low as $200 per month • Average monthly cost: $350-$500+ • Competitive ___ Aggressive____Very Aggressive • Text messaging $129-$299+ • Compared to traditional advertising – Avg. 1 day ¼ page ad in paper: $900 – 1 radio spot (recommended mim 5 a day) $68 – Yellow Pages ¼ page $1100 mo 36
  35. 35. Where do you show up now? 37
  36. 36. Recent Searches for your services Google 38
  37. 37. What do they all have in common? 39
  38. 38. 40 AdzZoo Business Affiliate ProgramAdzZoo Business Affiliate Program They all have an affiliate Program? Would you prefer to pay retail or wholesale for your advertising?
  39. 39. • $4,309.30 vs. $ $3053.48= $1255.82 Savings • 29.14% Savings over 13 months • 59% of small business owners use credit to finance their operations or capital needs… • Cost = monthly payment (cash flow) = only $$122.00122.00 (18.9%, 4% Minimum payment) • Affiliate Rebate Check on Personal Campaign =$431.93!!!( 3 + months cost!)
  40. 40. It’s Decision Time • How much do you think it is costing you per week to not have a managed web presence now? • If we can cut your costs and increase results is there any logical reason you would not take advantage of this powerful service? We would like to provide you with a • NO Cost or Obligation: • Custom Internet Marketing Analysis • Please provide us with the information on the card provided42
  41. 41. 45 Final Slide for Business OwnersFinal Slide for Business Owners
  42. 42. 46 The New EraThe New Era  Over the last 5 years, pension plans fell from $114,396 to $29,512, expected to be 30% fewer over the next 5 years. 1  50% of Americans earn less than $25,000 per year, 70% less than $50,000 and 90% less than $75,000 per year. 2  The average salary, $32,050, has essentially remained flat over the last 18 years. 3  Summer of 2010, unemployment at 9.5%. That’s is just counting those still LOOKING! 1. Fortune June 26, 2007; 2. Time October 30, 2006; 3. Business Week, October 3, 2005; 4. Yahoo! News February 6, 2009; 5. Money, January 2007
  43. 43. 47 The Solution Develop Your Own Business Most people dream of controlling their time and income; what prohibits this accomplishment? Money Starting your own business is very costly Knowledge Even if you had the money, it would still require extensive knowledge on the topic Location Are you in the right location to start that business, or would you have to move? Risk Can you risk your retirement savings to take the chance? Time Most business ventures require a immediate full time attention.
  44. 44. 48 The Franchise OptionThe Franchise Option Positives VS NegativesPositives VS Negatives • Name Recognition • Support Systems • Group Purchasing Power • Leverage • Start Up Fees • Territories • Royalties • Minimum Ad Spends • Site Requirements • Long Term Leases  Employees  Workers Comp  FICA, Payroll Taxes  Inventory  Discrimination Quiznos Average SBA Loan Amount Excluding Building Lease $144,000 + Franchise Fee $25,000… Failure Rate = 25%1 Cold Stone Creamery Average SBA Loan Amount Excluding Lease $233,000 + Franchise Fee $42,000… Failure Rate = 31%2 1., 4/21/2010 2. 4/21/2010
  45. 45. AdzZoo provides the necessary tools, training andAdzZoo provides the necessary tools, training and systems to capitalize on this incredible marketsystems to capitalize on this incredible market transition and regain control of your financial securitytransition and regain control of your financial security.. This Presentation is an overview of the AdzZoo Compensation Plan only. The complete plan details may be found in the login area. This is for training purposes only. AdzZoo makes no claim or guaranty of income. 49 • Proven Company •Full Time •Building an Agency •Developing Multiple Agencies • Direct Sales • Part Time Your AdzZoo business combines all those positives while eliminating the negatives AdzZoo The Best of BothAdzZoo The Best of Both What are you currently doing? Consider the alternatives…
  46. 46. 50 If you earn $35,000/year X 25% (avg.) = $8,750 taxes Through your 1099 Business, you can now deduct:  Gas  Car Payment  Portion of your home (apt.)  Cell Phone  Internet charges  Meals  Entertainment  Cab $25,000 x 15% = $3,750 taxes An Increase in disposable income of $5,000 It’s not what you earn, but what you retain!  Airline Tickets  Hotel  Computer & Supplies  Support Fees $14.95 Independent Contractor Advantages W2 vs 1099 If you earned $35,000 and had an adjusted gross income of $25,000.
  47. 47. Campaign Directors can earn income from personal Ad Campaign Sales to clients. New Ad Campaign Sales pay a fixed percentage of the Sales Volume based on each Campaign Director’s Rank. Rank Payout % Campaign Director 25% Qualified Campaign Director 28% Area Director 31% Regional Director 34% Senior Director 41% National Director 41% International Marketing Director 41% One $300 sale per month for a 12 month term $3,600$3,600 Commission % 25% - 41% Total Commission on 1 Sale $900 -$900 - $1,476$1,476 * The above scenarios are hypothetical examples that are intended to explain the AdzZoo Compensation Plan and are not income representations. Your success with AdzZoo is a direct result of your efforts. The AdzZoo Compensation Plan is subject to change without prior notice. All commissions and bonuses are paid solely based upon the sale of advertising campaigns and products. The complete plan details can be found in the Compensation Plan Overview in the back office of • 70% of sales volume is commissionable70% of sales volume is commissionable for custom ad campaigns and allfor custom ad campaigns and all renewals after their first year.renewals after their first year. • Your check is composed of NEWYour check is composed of NEW business plus renewalsbusiness plus renewals • AdzZoo paysAdzZoo pays weeklyweekly!!
  48. 48. Part-Time Full-time Avg. # of Sales Per Week 1 2 Avg. Commission /Spread % 34% 41% Year 1 $37,128 $89,544 Year 2 $87,516 $211,068 Year 3 $167,606 $404,227 3 Yr. Total $292,250 $632,245 Based on $1,400 Quarterly campaign sale, with a 50%50% renewal rate. This Presentation is an overview of the AdzZoo Compensation Plan only. The complete plan details may be found in the login area. This is for training purposes only. AdzZoo makes no claim or guaranty of income. The complete plan details can be found in the Compensation Plan Overview in the back office of
  49. 49. Part-Time Full-time Agency Override Avg. # of Sales Per Week 1 2 10 Avg. Commission /Spread % 34% 41% 7% Year 1 $37,128 $89,544 $76,440 Year 2 $87,516 $211,068 $180,180 Year 3 $167,606 $404,227 $345,072 3 Yr. Total $292,250 $632,245 $601,692 Based on $1,400 Quarterly campaign sale, with a 50%50% renewal rate. This Presentation is an overview of the AdzZoo Compensation Plan only. The complete plan details may be found in the login area. This is for training purposes only. AdzZoo makes no claim or guaranty of income. The complete plan details can be found in the Compensation Plan Overview in the back office of
  50. 50. How To Recognize A Good OpportunityHow To Recognize A Good Opportunity • A Product in DemandA Product in Demand • An Emerging TrendAn Emerging Trend • True Residual IncomeTrue Residual Income 29.6 Million Small Businesses in the U.S.29.6 Million Small Businesses in the U.S.11 Expanding Market / Expansion PotentialExpanding Market / Expansion Potential REALREAL Compensation / Promotion OpportunitiesCompensation / Promotion Opportunities Private Franchising – LeveragePrivate Franchising – Leverage Multiple Streams – Personal / Agency ResidualsMultiple Streams – Personal / Agency Residuals 1 - September 2009 US SBA (does not include 1099 independent contractors)
  51. 51. Getting StartedGetting Started AdzZoo is Perfectly Positioned to Make Business History with the… • Right Products • Right Timing • Right Leadership • Right Compensation • Right Technology How much of this vast untapped marketHow much of this vast untapped market do you want to take advantage of?do you want to take advantage of?
  52. 52. It’s Decision Time • The inability to make a decision paralyzes people from moving forward. • Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, AdzZoo is the real deal and there is a desperate need for our services. • We can have you trained & and earning a comma check next week! • Make a DECISION and get started as a Campaign Director today! 56
  53. 53. 57 Final Slide for a General BOPFinal Slide for a General BOP