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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Chris DunnDrik GhoshYiyun HaSuzie WymanRebranding Boston as an Innovation Hub
  2. 2. ProblemHow do we rebrand Boston as an innovation hub?
  3. 3. Insight3 key ingredients to a startup communityTalent Culture Money
  4. 4. Insight3 key ingredients to a startup communityTALENT Culture Money
  5. 5. Target InsightYoung people have great ideas, but they don’t have the toolsrequired to make them a reality.
  6. 6. StrategyPool the previously isolated ingenuity of young minds acrossBoston in a way that fuels collaboration and generates interestin living in the city.
  7. 7. A digital platform that fuels innovation and collaboration among theyoung, forward-thinking minds in and around BostonBig Idea
  8. 8. ManifestoWe are Boston.We are innovators, thought-leaders and inventors.We believe in the talent emerging from our universities.The time has come to realize our potential.Boston has always been a land of dreamers and restless thinkers.Let’s show them why this is where they belong.This is the city where dreamers shape the future.In Boston, an idea can have an impact.
  9. 9. Brand Video
  10. 10. Advertising CampaignDigital Experience/Social Outdoor
  11. 11. Advertising CampaignDigitalDigital network of the Boston Startup Community for:Idea’atorsTalentFinancers
  13. 13. Advertising CampaignMeeting SpaceCollaborative meeting/working spaceSeminars/Guest SpeakersWorkshopsPitch rooms
  14. 14. Advertising CampaignExperience/SocialTurn the Prudential off.Boston tweets and Bostinno - #TurnBostonOnAfter 2000 tweets, Prudential comes back on.
  15. 15. Advertising Campaign
  16. 16. Press ReleaseToday, thousands of Bostonians and their friends tweeted to turn on the Prudential Center. The stunt wasspurred by a collaborative effort between the city of Boston and its burgeoning innovation district, to promotetheir newest campaign aimed at keeping startups in Boston. Sites such as, as well asMayor Menino’s twitter handle announced that tweeting #TurnOnBoston would ignite the lights of the shadowyPru. By 8:00 p.m. EST, 2,000 hashtags turned the Pru back on.The interactive publicity stunt launched a new website and app aimed at helping innovators and inventorsconnect with and establish start-ups in Boston. “Boston has always been the center of innovation, but in therecent years we’ve seen young entrepreneurs moving out of the city to establish businesses. We are hoping tochange that with the Bost[on] movement. The city is now poised to become the home of the country’s youngentrepreneurs and thought-leaders,” announced Mayor Menino. The city is hoping to leverage its talented up-and-comers as it attracts inventors and visionaries to rewrite history in the most historical city in America.
  17. 17. Advertising CampaignOutdoorMBTA Bus SheltersWeight sensitive seats active ad#TurnBostonOn
  18. 18. Advertising Campaign
  19. 19. Advertising Campaign
  20. 20. Bost[on]Fuels collaborationDigital networkCreate a cultureSustainable for future endeavors