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The Ultimate Small Business Website Checklist


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Most high converting websites share common traits. In this short, but powerful presentation bestselling author and serial entrepreneur, Chris Ducker shares tips on what he's seen works time and time again, so you can put them into action, and enjoy the same online success with your small business website.

The Ultimate Small Business Website Checklist

  2. CREATE A GREAT LOOKING HEADER Aid LUG [UGO _ -ff '54» LINKS to -‘M HEADER "eL= *»%“i: i’*? Ee" NH 46.1% of people say a w h 'te's design is the number one 'erion for discerning the credibility of the company. Use a clean well-designed logo. Make the logo the centerpiece of your header image. Simple Navigation with the right amount of links.
  3. , keepvounuuoltncesroous / _ ~_f I, ‘ '. _-. __-' _/ ‘_, .:‘. _:‘_': -__: “ . . . . oi. . -. . I. ‘J’ ‘ '-. ._f . _. .._ . .H -.4 ' . . L r U. a simple menu with the right amount of links below your header can help your visitors navigate through your site easily without having to feel | ost_.
  4. tu. :-. I“'. '-asfjff-re u u; -1|. u. ‘.ie. '- is 2 Ell g nah . . —‘v——”q xd. .. .. '. J. . _= -‘- Ready To Take Your Business To The llext level? Subscribe Now to Get Started with our free course on converting Your Audience. iilligrltill“llJIlI| =fIMl. ':tlIw Susan‘ Now wu. v "em: :-: :a' . o ue. I11I1I. l_ItiI. I.u ‘our . I.I. :aIl_li. I.u . i.: :;. is "1! I. " :1 u; -fI. I. u. ‘.ia'_" 1|. an :24-: ='--'. I1~—e. l1I? -:<I= ;> ’~ U‘ 'I1ItI. '-:11». V». .. . . ~. -—. V.
  5. ¢. r'S¢“"V‘e‘ , _v——' «'7"_/ Eff 7- — A ‘AIR ‘Av El Conversion pages have a simpler ‘look’ to them so your visitors have less distractions when you want them to take a specific action.
  6. SIIDEBAR lh‘| TrI ‘STICKY’ lCOllTEI! T' STICKY SIDEBAR My Having the information in your sidebar kept static can help E increase mailing list conversions, as well as help promote a promo, or new product launch.
  7. .a-; .‘: a— cnenfcj uric ofwc nunlo C.0hlTE, IYT | S . " fix Pod. c;a_sts are a great way to share your own exp. e.ri. e.n, c.e. s and stories, it is also an easy way for your audience to enjoy your c. o.nte. nt.
  8. SECTION WRITING This is still considered one of the best ways to build your business online. Enjoy the benefits of creating original, inspiring and helpful content for your audience.
  9. — ‘L. -1‘ ' ‘*: «_—. r HAVE h when r"nsEsE_ucE ‘l x T A. S. howc; wh_at you an. d your b. ran. d are all about t_hrough video. Be yo. u.rse. |f, offer value and you s, houl, d b. e all set.
  10. CONTACT IAIFORWIATION By displaying your work address 8. contact details, E it establishes credibility and shows that you are real and ready to hear from your audience. E if you are a local business, be sure to include a map “’ on your contact page as well.
  11. Make it easy for visitors to spread your message to the world by having proper social media sharing options on your site - especially important pages.
  12. miuragiaesr For more helpful tips on how to become the most productive and profitable entrepreneur you can be. visit ; :. l: S';7LECI{€: l’. COlTl