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25 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Business


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As business owners time really is money. The problem is that too many small business owners are spending too much time on tasks that are eating away at the hours that they should be spending on growing their business, instead. Outsourcing those tasks to a virtual assistant is a great way to get started to working ON your business, instead of working IN it. This presentation will give you the boost you need to get going.

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25 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Business

  2. 2. CHRISDUCKER.COMEMAIL MANAGEMENT & FILTERINGOrganize emails intofolders .Set up filters toautomatically label,archive, or delete emails.Delete spam and trash…
  3. 3. CHRISDUCKER.COMSET UP AUTO-RESPONDERSWrite auto-respondersfor your lists.Make sure branding isconsistent on all emailsgoing out to yoursubscribers.
  4. 4. CHRISDUCKER.COMAPPOINTMENT SETTINGContact prospects, clients,suppliers on your behalfto set a meeting.Confirm appointments aday before and cancelappointments as needed.
  5. 5. CHRISDUCKER.COMCLIENT / CUSTOMER FOLLOW-UPSContact customers and askfor feedback regardingproducts and services.Communicate reasons fordelay in delivery ofproducts and services.
  6. 6. CHRISDUCKER.COMCALENDAR MANAGEMENTImport or sync all yourdifferent calendars intoGoogle Calendar.Add events, appointmentsand tasks.
  7. 7. CHRISDUCKER.COMANSWER OCCASIONAL CALLSAnswer forwarded callswhen you’re in a meetingor a holiday.Pick up the hotline forcustomer service.
  8. 8. CHRISDUCKER.COMONLINE RESEARCHResearch blog post ideas,keywords, and raw materialfor your content.Find out what yourcompetitors are doing.
  9. 9. CHRISDUCKER.COMFILE MANAGEMENTCreate a file inventory ifneeded.Organize files into folders.Make sure all files havebackups or are stored inthe cloud.
  10. 10. CHRISDUCKER.COMHOTEL & FLIGHT BOOKINGResearch flight and roomavailabilities using siteslike Agoda, Orbitz, andExpedia.List things you can do whenvisiting a new city orcountry.
  11. 11. CHRISDUCKER.COMDATABASE BUILDINGCompile a list prospects bydoing company orexecutive search inGoogle, LinkedIn and otherbusiness directories.Update your customerdatabase.
  12. 12. CHRISDUCKER.COMTAKE MINUTES OF MEETINGSSit in on conference callsor hangouts and take noteof what was discussed.For real-time note taking,try using Google Hangout +Google Drive.
  13. 13. CHRISDUCKER.COMONLINE SHOPPINGShop for gifts for differentoccasions for yourcolleagues, family, andfriends.Update your info onshopping sites like Amazon.
  14. 14. CHRISDUCKER.COMPREPARE SLIDESHOWSCreate presentations foryour speakingengagements.Repurpose content intoslideshows and uploadinto Slideshare.
  15. 15. CHRISDUCKER.COMTRANSCRIPTIONCreate a downloadabletranscript of your videosand podcasts.Take notes from webinarsyou failed to attend.
  16. 16. CHRISDUCKER.COMCREATE REPORTSGenerate reports fromGoogle Analytics, FacebookInsights, and other tools youuse for your business.Send monthly reports toyour clients as neededusing a branded template.
  17. 17. CHRISDUCKER.COMLIAISON BETWEEN YOU & YOUR TEAMAssign tasks to teammembersMonitor progress andproject milestonesFollow up on deliverables.
  18. 18. CHRISDUCKER.COMRECRUIT OTHER PEOPLE FOR YOUR TEAMPost ads in job boards andfreelancing sites like Odesk,Fiverr, and Freelancer.Screen and shortlistqualified applicants beforesetting up an interview
  19. 19. CHRISDUCKER.COMSET UP SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTSSign up for the top socialnetworks and confirmaccounts.Make sure that profiles arecomplete and consistentin all of those accounts.
  20. 20. CHRISDUCKER.COMMANAGE & UPDATESOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTSWrite updates on your behalf.Use third party app likeHootsuite to scheduleupdates as well as reply tocomments and mentions.
  21. 21. CHRISDUCKER.COMMANAGE YOUR BLOGUpdate your theme andplugins.Remove spam.Make your blog’s backup isup to date.
  22. 22. CHRISDUCKER.COMPUBLISH POSTS ON YOUR BLOGUpload and formatcontent.Add images and /or embedother media like videos.Optimize post for searchengines.
  23. 23. CHRISDUCKER.COMFILTER & REPLY TO COMMENTSON YOUR BLOG / WEBSITEReply to comments even ifjust to say ‘Thank You’ andremove spam comments.Update list of blockedwords in your discussionsettings.
  24. 24. CHRISDUCKER.COMANSWERING SUPPORT TICKETSReply to customer emailsrequesting for info orsupport on products andservicesPlus, track social mediaquestions, too.
  25. 25. CHRISDUCKER.COMCOMMENT ON OTHER BLOGSIncrease your backlinks byhaving your VA commenton related blogs.If possible andappropriate, include a linkto one of your blog posts inthe comment.
  26. 26. CHRISDUCKER.COMPARTICIPATE IN ONLINE FORUMSOR MESSAGE BOARDSCreate an account inonline communities andQ&A sites.Look for discussionswhere he/she can shareyour posts or web site.
  27. 27. /chrisduckerdotcom@chriscduckerCHRISDUCKER.COMFor more #NewBusiness andEntrepreneurial tips,