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21 Ways to Beat Entrepreneurial Stress

  2. ENGAGE IN QUALITY 'QUIET TIME' EACH DAY Switch off all your devices and simply sit… In silence. Focus on your breathing. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  3. PURSUE A PASSION Get busy enjoying yourself doing things you truly love. The focus on something you enjoy will ease your stress immediately. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  4. GET A MASSAGE Having a regular massage helps lower your heart rate. It also promotes muscle relaxation. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  5. HAVE A SOBBING SESSION When you cry your chest and diaphragm open up, The result is a massive amount of bad energy is Instantly released. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  6. LAUGH Having a good giggle releases endorphins into your system. It’s the best stress beater around. And it’s free. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  7. TALK TO THOSE YOU TRUST Telling a friend or family member how you’re feeling enables you to get rid of any aggression or negative energy. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  8. LEARN TO SAY ‘NO’ If you’re rushed off your feet already, the last thing you need to do is pile more work on your plate. Say no. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  9. EAT SOME CHOCOLATE Eating a few pieces of dark (not milk) chocolate when you’re feeling tense and on edge, can calm your nerves. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  10. HANG OUT WITH YOUR FURRY FRIEND Psychologists believe that having your dog or cat with you through a stressful time, is more soothing than your spouse. Woof, woof. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  11. THROW A HISSY FIT NOW AND THEN Displaying your irritation, or anger can cause your brain to release less of the stress hormone, cortisol. Don’t over do it, though. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  12. EXERCISE Going for a short walk, stretching, swimming and enjoying some yoga are all fantastic for beating stress. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  13. TAKE A VACATION The ability to ‘switch off’ is a lot easier when we are in surroundings we’re not used to. Take some time off. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  14. BECOME A BOOKWORM Reading allows us to be ‘in the now’. Enjoying a good book has long been a perfect way to chill out. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  15. DRINK GREEN TEA Drinking green tea slowly, savoring every sip and enjoying the aroma it carries helps calm your nerves. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  16. TAKE A NAP Many of us simply don’t get enough ‘real’ sleep. So, napping in the middle of a stressful day is a great escape. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  17. GO TO A MOVIE Throwing yourself into a 90-minute film allows you to ‘get lost’ in the plot and characters. Enjoy some popcorn, too. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  18. PRAY No matter who, or what you ‘believe’ in, enjoying some prayer is a very personal, enjoyable activity for most people in today’s world. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  19. BECOME A VOLUNTEER Stop focusing on your own situation and help other, less fortunate people. It’ll help you gain a new perspective on life. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  20. WASH YOUR CAR Cleaning your car until its nice and shiny will bring about a sense of calm. Add wax for a really clean state of mind. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  21. PLAY SOME MUSIC Either play an instrument yourself, or simply listen to your favorite artist. Now remember back to when you heard the song for the first time. CHRISDUCKER.COM
  22. BECOME A KID AGAIN Getting down on the floor with your kids, getting out the Lego and building a multi-colored house will make you smile. Always works for me! CHRISDUCKER.COM
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