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Brussels Twestival Conference Outcomes


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Short presentation summarizing the outcomes of the (un)conference held at the Brussels Twestival, February 12, 2009

Published in: Technology, Education
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Brussels Twestival Conference Outcomes

  1. 1. Brussels Twestival (un)conference report Social Media for Social Change Le Botanique, Brussels February 12, 2008
  2. 2. Social Media for Social Change Organization of an UNconference Who? About 60 participants Christian De Neef, biznessence (facilitator) Onno Hesselink, ello-mobile Murray Biedler, W t & Energy Facility Unit, C7 Bi dl Water E M F ilit U it Nathalie McDermott, ON ROAD MEDIA Alain Deneef , États Généraux de Bruxelles (conclusions)
  3. 3. Christian De Neef introducing the conference Murray Biedler and team at work Some participants during the plenary session Nathalie McDermott sums up her team’s results Photography by Filip Bunkens -
  4. 4. Social Media for Social Change Organization of an UNconference Why? Make tweeters meet in real world Reflect on a platform for social change Share social media experiences Network Nt k How? Introduction - Christian De Neef 3 work groups during 1 hour – Social economy & new medias - Onno Hesselink – Cl Clear water f everybody - M t for b d Murray Biedler Bi dl – Social media for social change - Nathalie McDermott A plenary session during 1 hour - Christian De Neef & Alain Deneef
  5. 5. Social Media for Social Change Conclusions by Alain Deneef 2 groups of activists working together: – Social media/networks : looking for a cause g – Social cause : looking for new tools How to bridge the gap between them? Is there a purpose in meeting each other? Maybe both a problem and opportunity: Media/network people are looking to leverage their network in social sphere, but maybe also in cultural, political, economical... Too much « noise » may hide the potential outcomes of a real social media f worthy social causes di for th il Give time to time and learn : this is the first meeting… Don't forget Bill Gates words: We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten!
  6. 6. Social Media for Social Change Best Practices (P)eople • Interest, Motivation, Passion, • Play - “what excites peoples” y pp • No barriers, inclusion, participation • Involvement (B)usiness focus (B) siness foc s • Need (P)rocesses (T)echnology • Cause • Transparency • Free (access) • Niche • Monitoring M it i • Open Source O S • Sustainability • Evaluation • Light-weight • Funding • Transform social media into real • Existing tools world relationships • “Forget about technology” (S)tructure • Identify stakeholders (target movers & shakers, super advocates, funders, sponsors, early adopters, etc.) , ,p , y p , ) • Community ownership • Social media gatherings (e.g., twestival)
  7. 7. Social Media for Social Change Elements of a Vision (P)eople • Integrate across generations (elders, y youth), cultures, politics, geography, ), ,p , g g p y, language, etc. • New Paradigm - Startup mentality (B)usiness focus (B) siness foc s • Create awareness (P)rocesses (T)echnology • Educate • Consolidate local twitter • Open/Creative Commons • Expand = “6B p p p people” communities iti • “Give everyone a voice” • Match people/skills at the right • Political action - engage time people socially - turn pp people into advocates (e.g., water) (S)tructure • Map of participants (e.g., “tweeters here today”) • Regular meetups by language, region, interest • Network fairs
  8. 8. Social Media for Social Change Competencies Social Communications Working with groups Marcomm Social economy Advertising Social S i l entrepreneurship hi Journalism Blogging Cognitive Knowledge management Technical Knowledge sharing Infrastructure Community leadership Internet education Internet education Entrepreneurial Training Sustainable economy Social entrepreneurship
  9. 9. Social Media for Social Change Values Accessibility y Openness Trust Social commitment ...
  10. 10. Social Media for Social Change Future developments developments… What is our aim? Who is interested? How to follow up : workshop? Conference? Sponsored Social media breakfasts? Where to put information? for f working together: our wiki (drafts, improvement,) ki t th iki (d ft i t) for publication and commentaries: twestival blog Send to presenters for commentaries before publication Send to the distribution list? (emails from amiando) Editing a map of tweeters attending the conference?