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presentation for internal use

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  1. 1. It will be mobileWhy Mobile Internet is the future of online
  2. 2. Mobile internet was an extra It was slower than the “real” internet It did not have all the features of the “real” internet It was a usability nightmare Data-plans were expensive
  3. 3. ChangeThe iPhone touted that it did not show you a “mobileinternet” but the real internet, as on your computerThe app ecosystem attracted developers and creativeminds, causing massive and rapid innovation
  4. 4. Smartphone > computerThe post-iPhone generation of smartphones hadvarious features that worked perfectly with mobileinternet.- camera so your photos are online immediatly- GPS and integration with Google maps and variousgeolocation services- internet connection that is always on and accessibleeverywhere
  5. 5. Breaktrough: mobile is best There are various uses of mobile internet that would never have been developed on a desktop. Mobile internet made people realize new ways to use online for productivity and entertainment Multiple devices and operating systems = freedom of choice and a great push towards innovation
  6. 6. Unique uses of mobileAugmented realityThis generally means using the camera to display acurrent reality on your screen with an information layeron top of it. Needs GPS, Compass, cameraUse: very local advertising, games, informationExample: Layar
  7. 7. Unique uses of mobileGeolocationMeans using your built in GPS and sometimesCompass for location dependant servicesUse: advertising, reviews, gaming, nearby stores,events, tourismExample: foursquare and gowalla
  8. 8. Touch it-interface The iPhone and the competing Android handsets feature a multitouch interface. - practical to use - shows there is an alternative for keyboard and mouse - easy to learn
  9. 9. The reality Mobile devices will soon be able to do any task a non- mobile device can do Mobile devices can already do several tasks a non- mobile device can’t do Mobile devices are more practical to carry with you
  10. 10. What this meansMobile internet offers you more than regular internet. Itis not an extra, it is the futureMassive innovation makes it ever more practical to use,to the point where the downsides will evaporate
  11. 11. Scratch mobileThere will soon be no need to say “mobile” internet. Allof it will be mobile and we’ll expect nothing less.
  12. 12. What do we need?Massive innovation? Already have it, look at thethousands of applications developed for mobile devices( 300 000 on iOS, october 2010 )Great devices? Already have them, various operatingsystems, many different manufacturers, a race for thebest quality
  13. 13. Infrastructure = Achilles heel For mobile internet to really break trough, it has to be stable, fast and available everywhere. Stable => ok Fast => 3G is being limited but has massive potential Available everywhere => the only big problem
  14. 14. Infrastructure solution Crowdsource it, open source it - Sell femtocell units to users or let them provide their own. - Allow downloads of open source software to build out an open source, user generated mobile network
  15. 15. That’s it! You have been reading ideas by Chris This is only the beginning