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Selling Yourself Online Chrismills


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This is a five minute presentation I gave at Ignite Sydney in October 2009, covering effective ways to promote yourself online without being evil. It is mostly applicable to the geek industry, but should be useful outside it as well.

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Selling Yourself Online Chrismills

  1. 1. Selling yourself online Evangelism and promotion, not slavery OR mail- order brides Chris Mills, Opera Software
  2. 2. The Web is grrrreat! <q>The web - helping ugly geeks pick up chicks since 1992!</q>
  3. 3. People conduct themselves badly on the Web
  4. 4. There is a better way to get people’s attention
  5. 5. Be nice! Be courteous at all times Give stuff away for free Help people Communicate clearly and appropriately
  6. 6. Communicate clearly... Make sure your written communication is impeccable Reflects on your integrity/professionalism
  7. 7. Appropriate language Don’t use the word evangelism when evangelizing Don’t leverage your synergies in public! Don’t talk down to your audience
  8. 8. The WWW is worldwide... Don’t resort to buzzwords and colloquialisms Think about your international audience Make language simple and clear
  9. 9. Get your audience excited about your functionality, not your brand
  10. 10. Get your developers excited about making your functionality better
  11. 11. Give cool stuff away for free
  12. 12. Help people! On forums On mailing lists On Twitter At public events
  13. 13. But be courteous, and keep your cool at all times
  14. 14. <q>Incidental marketing</q>
  15. 15. <q>Incidental marketing</q> <q>Wow, that Opera guy helped me again. I like him. I might try their browser</q>
  16. 16. Get your facts straight
  17. 17. Respect your competition
  18. 18. Work with your competition
  19. 19. (Look what happened when we didn’t work together)
  20. 20. Be honest; admit when you screwed up
  21. 21. Example: Opera Web Fonts bug We reported it Offered a temp workaround Reporting on when it was fixed in the final product