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Buddha had an iPad (2013 2014)

-Mindfulness the ultimate body hack for today's knowledge worker.

Today knowledge workers are slammed with information from millions of different sources. Emails, TV, Radio, Text Messages, Social Media, other people, intuition and nature. The sensor overload has lead to many people either disconnecting, shutting down or slowly killing themselves trying to keep up.

Being human in 2013 means accepting change at an emotional level so that you can ride the waves of data around. Digital Information Emotional Surfing, yup DIES, is the one of the easiest ways knowledge work can be accomplished today. The roots are found in the eastern tradition of "Mindfulness".

Learn the tools of staying connected without being connected.
Review the practices of inevitability management and how to successfully ride the peace within your data driven life.
Define the five traits of highly adaptable knowledge workers.
For four years I've has been using low-friction data collection to capture hundreds of elements of my life into a repository for search, visualization and analysis.

MEDIA and PRESS INFORMATION: http://chrisdancy.pressfolios.com/

Feel free to reach out at chris.dancy@gmail.com, +1-303- 872-0786, or by texting "chrisdancy" to 50500.

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  • I’m excited to be with itSMF Australia and friends around the globe for the next few months.
  • The past five months of 2013 have been incredible.Major Tech publications like TechCrunch, WiredMain stream publications like The Financial TimesTelevision and RadioAn Awareness of the Future can create a stir. Oddly enough, all I did in the presentation that caused the attention was a really obscure skill from the 90’s….back then we called it “THINKING”
  • What if Buddha had an ipad?The Four Noble Truths are a contingency plan for dealing with the suffering humanity faces -- suffering of a physical kind, or of a mental nature. The First Truth identifies the presence of suffering. The Second Truth, on the other hand, seeks to determine the cause of suffering. In Buddhism, desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering. By desire, Buddhists refer to craving pleasure, material goods, and immortality, all of which are wants that can never be satisfied.’Attachment? People, things, outcome
  • OBJECT:  Explain Session Technology in the age of hyper connected people.Digital DualismKnowledge RageHack Your BodyHack Your Mind 
  • Digital dualism is the belief that the on and offline are largely separate and distinct realities. Digital dualists view digital content as part of a "virtual" world separate from a "real" world found in physical space.  NATHAN: This isn’t about the problems of digital connection, it’s about propping oneself up as more human and alive. UNHEALTHY MINDS:Your brain is constantly trying to make patterns from or extract meaning from experiences. It's not always necessary.Faced with information overload, we have no alternative but pattern recognition.Your mind doesn't have an full switch like your stomach and our work encourages to continue to consume or become and information anextreic UNHEALTHY BODIES:Email Apnea / Junk SleepStress / Anxiety /FOMOHolding off exercise / sleep / restroom to “Finish”Mental IllnessNomphobia- however, women (70%) worry more about losing their phones than men (61%).AddictionWho are you supporting, Who are you married to, Who are you sitting next to….Are your devices here or are you?How many devices do we need?
  • Digitally DUAL is a Phallicy: “Technology has the power to generate ‘phenomenality’ (PHENOM-MENAILITY). The power to generate what can appear as ‘real’, through Perception.”-Stéphane VialFortunately, THIS SYSTEM we are in, is NOT new, we have anticipated its arrival for thousands of years.Two Cartoons 2012 vs 1906 We create the myth of the virtual to create the myth of the real. – NathangJeruganson
  • ROW 1: Systems of distraction, Systems of Constraint. Notification handicapped.ROW 2: Systems of Humanity blending with Tech Systems, in spirituality, human rights, human phycology. TRIBE HANDICAPPED.ROW 3: Cyborgology (Cyborg defined is often applied to an organism that has enhanced abilities due to technology) -has created the TECH ENABLED and the TECH DEPENDENT (DIGITALLY HANDICAPPED EMOTIONS)Our evolvution has been 1 to 11 to blood line1 to tribe1 to villiage1 to religion1 to nation states now 1 to everyone connected.We are also changing as a speices. We are externally creating a digital neocortex.
  • ROW 1: Cyborgs for Good? ROW 2: MEMEs are digital emotional, more evolved than "emotion icons”ROW 3: We don't actually look at much as a "HUMAN - BEING" any more …PAUSE FOR FACEBOOK AD FADE IN (TWICE)EVEN FACEBOOK, is getting rid of the DEVICE and letting you know how HUMAN you are and WHERE YOUR FRIENDS actual ARE  SUMMARY: There is NO online and offline.There is NO information overload.There is a PROBLEM with our understanding of Information.This has lead to a world of TECH DEPENDENTS vs TECH ENABLED, do you have a CONTEMPLATIVE RELAITONHSIP to technology.DO YOU HAVE A COMPLENTPAIVE RELAITONSHIP TO INFORMATION.THERE is NOT a digital divide, this is a psychological divide.These tribes referred to as:Netorcracy vs. Consumeriate
  • Over the past year the media has celecrated:1. Being unconnected for a yearAddiction for internetInternet vactions or digitladetoxsEVEN SEE ING MUCH ONE COULD CONSUME IN TECH IN A WEEK…TECH RETOX….This is the equviant to the resturant that will give you dinner for free if you eat 30 pounds of pasta.CHRIS DANCYCanceling all your magazine subscriptions doesn't show how savvy you are with your attention, it shows a lack of intimacy with your issues..Fetishized celebration or pathological condemnation?
  • Knowledge Rage - The condition of "Data - Information - Knowledge - Wisdom" collapsing upon itself.  This result of being the glass, not the water.Digital Informational Emotional Surfing (DIES) - The concept of using information and "emotion surfing" to create a moment of reflection.  WE DESPERATELY need REFLECTION in todays world.Every person gets 24 hours each day, how we see that time makes the difference between:Do we have enough time?Not enough time?Too much time?Tony Schwartz and Jean Gomes inThe Way We’re Working Isn’t Working “We each have one reservoir of will and discipline, and it is depleted by any act of conscious self-regulation—whether that’s resisting a cookie, solving a puzzle, or doing anything else that requires effort.” 
  • Information Overload Myth – Information is like engergy, it just changes forms.Skill (NO SET) CollectionPersonal Information Systems (Work-Life Frameworks)“Don’t Confuse the Urgent with the Important
  • In Balance with Nature:Until technology became one with humanity, nature forced us into a rhythm.We could only plant during certain times of the year.We could only work during the day / Night forced us to talk and reflectHistorically: 15/16 centuries 10 million books to 100 million books.THIS LEAD TO ENLIGHTMENT: Bridge between the Late Middle Ages, the Early Renaissance 
  • The speed in information has changed so dramatically. BUT THE ACTUAL AMOUNT OF INFORMATION IS NOT GROWING…YES more data is being created…this is not information until have contemplation.Starting from New York to New Orleans:1800 – Four Weeks to New Orleans1830 – Two Weeks to New Orleans1857 - Five Days1999 – FedEx Package One day2000 – 3 hours2005 – 1 Day to get News out to the world2013 – 1 second2000-2005-2010-2013-2015-2020
  • We are more than human in our connected nature, we are faster than Nature itself. This is he spread of news about an earth quake in 2011 in Washington DC.
  • So, now that we ARE information, ARE technology, is the problem that we are worse off when we try to separate from it? 2011 – We borrowed time from the physical to go to our devices2013 – We borrow time from the digital to go to the physical. Some of you can’t wait to “go back”…but the message is simple, there is NO GOING BACK, you are in both places.The struggle is FEELING that there are two worlds. ARE WE ADDICTED? 1. Do you feel preoccupied with the Internet (think about previous online activity or anticipate next online session)?2. Do you feel the need to use the Internet with increasing amounts of time in order to achieve satisfaction?3. Have you repeatedly made unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back, or stop Internet use?4. Do you feel restless, moody, depressed, or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop Internet use?5. Do you stay online longer than originally intended?6. Have you jeopardized or risked the loss of significant relationship, job, educational or career opportunity because of the Internet?7. Have you lied to family members, therapist, or others to conceal the extent of involvement with the Internet?8. Do you use the Internet as a way of escaping from problems or of relieving a dysphoric mood (e.g., feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, depression)?
  • Devices gave you an external mindNetworks gave you exponential thinkingSkills for this information age are much different than just a few years ago.  You must surrender part of your "control" to the device and the network.LIFE AND WORK MUST BE LIVED:DEVICE-LESS STATE-LESSSYSTEM-LESSORGANIC-LESS
  • Life and Work were STATE driven. Open or ClosedResolved or UnresolvedFrameworks dedicated to Projects and Information SystemsMoving information required:DEVICESSTATES (WORKFLOW)SYSTEMSORGANICS (HUMANS IN PROXIMITY)
  • ROW 1: Productivity Systems - Inbox Zero, Getting Things DoneROW 2: Removing technology - Amish as a service – National Unplugging day (March 1-2)ROW 3:Mindfulness and Technological Enhancement – Books on Habit, Delaying Gratitifaction and People who use their bodies and life AS an information system.
  • Is there another way, a faster way, a more effective way to navigate the changes we will adapt to over the next 10 years?Life in 2023? Can you hack your body, like you would a computer?There are dangers to unplugging There are dangers to upgrading
  • FitnessMove MoreBe condition less on your physical activityNutritionEat BetterVitamin DBe condition less on your diet PharamAttention DrugsModafinil - Limitless drug TechDevicesQuantified SelfImplants
  • You can learn to STOP thinking. To become “THOUGHT LESS”…but don’t we NEED TO THINK?80-90% of thinking is repetitive and negative. Your mind is an instrument a too. For specific tasks. When done, you lay it down.Draw consciousness away from thought. Obsessive thinking is disease. Information is 100x more powerful when you are obsessively thinking. SIMPLE WAYS TODAYNotifications - Turn them offLook at Tech systems/apps/devices/services as enabling or dependent? (TAXI DRIVER)Look at Tech systems like a diet. - Technology represents the utensils, information is the diet and your network is the food supply. Be healthy.Create SAFE networksMeditate / Pray
  • Evolution:The primate brain (cortex) focuses on connecting with others.The mammal brain (limbic system) focuses on approaching rewards.The reptile brain (brain stem) focuses on avoiding harm.“Pet the lizard.”Recognize the anxiety.Remind yourself that you are all right.Take a deep breath and feel the whole breath.Relax your body, which will soothe the lizard.Maintain this state for 10, 20, 30 seconds—as long as you can.“Feed the mouse.”Consciously acknowledge ways in which you are being fed.When you eat, realize the food is becoming part of you and nourishing you.When you breathe, feel the air entering you to maintain your life.When you get paid, recognize it as nourishment.“Feel protected, enabled, and delighted by human craft.” (I love that wording.)“Hug the monkey.”Think of someone who genuinely cares for you. Bring that person into your mind.Think of someone you genuinely care for, and bring that person in as well.Create a circle of caring in your mind.Remind yourself routinely that you are in that circle, a critical part of it.Feel your belonging.
  • “Meditation’s ability to help people stay in the moment has been part of philosophical and contemplative practices for thousands of years,” Brewer says.“Conversely, the hallmarks of many forms of mental illness is a preoccupation with one’s own thoughts, a condition meditation seems to affect. This gives us some nice cues as to the neural mechanisms of how it might be working clinically.”
  • My Journey has lead me to a concept called mindfulness. For a moment consider:  Thought can't exist without consciousness, but consciousness can exist with out thought. Awareness requires only that we pay attention and see things as they are. It doesn’t require that we change anything. -
  • 1. NON-JUDGING: consists in taking the position of an impartial witness to your own experience. It requires that you become aware of the stream of judging and reacting to inner and outer experiences and step back from it. This habit of categorizing into good and bad or positive and negativelocks us into mechanical reactions.  2. PATIENCE: it demonstrates that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things unfold in their own time. Why rushing to the next “better” moment when after all each one is your life in that moment. 3. BEGINNER’S MIND: practicing mindfulness means to take the chance to see everything as if it was for the first time and not allow our illusion of knowing prevent us from being present to our experiences.  4. TRUST: developing a basic trust in yourself and your feelings. Do not get caught up in the reputation and authority of your teachers. It is impossible to become like somebody else. Your only hope is to become more fully yourself. 5. NON-STRIVING: Almost everything we do is for a purpose. Actually this attitude can be a real obstacle in mindfulness, ultimately it is about non-doing.  6. ACCEPTANCE: Often acceptance comes after we have gone through intense period of emotion turmoil and anger. Doing that uses up our energy in the struggle instead of using it for healing and change. You are much more likely to know what to do and have the inner conviction to act when your vision is not clouded by your mind’s self-serving judgments and desires or its fears and prejudices. 7. LETTING GO: when we pay attention to our inner experience, we discover that there are certain thoughts, feelings and situations that the mind seems to want to hold on to. If pleasant, we try and prolong our experience, if unpleasant, we try and get rid of them. We must try to intentionally put aside the tendency to elevate some aspects of our experience and reject others.
  • Impermanence is an undeniable and inescapable fact of human existence from which nothing that belongs to this earth is ever free. Condition-less, State-less, Thought-LESS existence.  OUR SUFFERING COMES FROM the illusion of a "state of mind"ACTION SLIDE ADVANCE READ SLIDEConsider: You have only moments to live."Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety." -Plato 
  • Resources Text "Buddahipad" to 50500Books, webinars, software, programs, events and ideology in a Pinterest board.
  • I’m excited to be with itSMF Australia and friends around the globe for the next few months.
  • If Buddha had an iPad - Mindfulness Information Overload and Knowledge Work

    1. If Buddha Had an iPad: The Ultimate Body Hack of Today's Knowledge Worker
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    6. Technology has the power to generate ‘phenomenality’.The power to generate what can appear as ‘real’, through Perception. -Stéphane Vial
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    9. Fetishized celebration or pathological condemnation?
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    20. Hack Your Body "A man will give up almost anything except his suffering." ~John Cleese Text “BuddaiPad” 50500 @servicesphere http://bit.ly/BuddhaiPad
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    23. Zoo Brain Hug The monkey Feed the mouse Pet the lizard
    24. Science of the Mind
    25. Mindfulness 1. 2. Seven Steps One Word Text “BuddaiPad” 50500 @servicesphere http://bit.ly/BuddhaiPad
    26. Seven Steps • NON-JUDGING • PATIENCE • BEGINNER’S MIND • TRUST • NON-STRIVING • ACCEPTANCE • LETTING GO Text “BuddaiPad” 50500 @servicesphere http://bit.ly/BuddhaiPad
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