Existence as a Platform - Where Quantified Self meets Internet of Things


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VIDEO OF PREVIEW: https://vimeo.com/77972739

Media and Interviews 2013: http://chrisdancy.com/ (Wired, TechCrunch, Financial Times, NPR, Bloomberg TV)

The devices, apps, sensors, and services we use everyday allow our data exhaust to be manipulated into a reality. I believe we have the ability to remake reality, i believe this because I live not an augmented data driven life, but an assisted data driven existence.

Sousveillance of personal data and the analytics of that data have created platform for which devices, messaging, and environments now are optimized for our daily life.

This presentation is the result of two years of research and methods on my personal data, and the future of analytics and a new development platform based in reality. In addition, I will release a short form video and a video tutorial on using tools to collect your data. Thanks for all the kind support. Here's a fun peek at the concepts.

I believe we have the ability to remake reality, i believe this because I live not an augmented data driven life, but an assisted data driven existence.

Feel free to reach out at chris.dancy@gmail.com, +1-303- 872-0786, or by texting "chrisdancy" to 50500.

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  • Always thought provoking Chris ... thanks for sharing your brilliant mind
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  • Welcome, I am Chris Dancy, and I’m here to change the world.It's an honor to be back at SDI and share the stage with 23 other speakers from around the globe in a single act of unity that has never been witnessed in any industry. I'd like to thank:SDIThe sponsors of this eventThe sponsors of TFTAnd you the viewers and participants of this historic event/This global congress of:ConnectivityHumanityinnovation.EXISTENCE AS A PLATFORM?
  • The year was 2010, I was writing composing topics that I would share in 2011’s conference season.Body as a Platform
  • Summer 2011, preparing for 2012Under Employment - Unemployment in the United StatesUrgency to focus on new skills for a new decade.The Reputation economyKnowledgeMetricsProsumer ExperiencesAugust 2012 on the Gold Coast of Australia I shared my vision for the future of work with 500 of my closest friends at LEADIT itSMF Australia22K downloads later.
  • Peeking into the next three years, has been incredibly easy.The tech in use today.The reality of our global economic conditionThe erosion of skills in an atrophied knowledge worker entering year 30 on PCs with applications tied to work products as clumsy as they are reductive.For Review:Body as a platform 2010Data as a platform 2011Influence as a platform 2012Existence as a platform 2013Existence as a platform Redefines our relationship to techEncourages a flat infrastructures Economies of entitlement Anticipation Culture Phenomenality
  • Technology has the power to generate ‘phenomenality’.The power to generate what can appear as ‘real’, through Perception.-Stéphane Vial((TALK ABOUT THE IMAGES))
  • What is work?Reduction in friction between an addressable market and their desires.For people in the “industry” work became the semantics of methodologies older than the software they desperately tried to replace.What has been the outcome?Automation eroded any marketable skills Consumerziation hubristic entitlementThe new working class uses tools and hand me downs. (The Consumerait)The new ruling classes uses speed to information as a weapon. (The Netocracy)The rally cries for innovation have created a police state in boardroom. 
  • Unfortuantely I’ve learned that this level of QS is very much like another movie, ElysumThe fincancial cost and time resources consumed by allowing myself this view has shown me we have a lot of work to do as a community.
  • ZUCKERBERGS LAW DANCYS DATA INTIMACY LAW This is not an sharing economy, this is Polyamourous romp through a 70's digital disco.
  • Anything you can surveil; I can surveille better. Something my doctor and privacy have in common, I want to be in control. That control, that understanding of me, and my data is "Sousvellance” Which leads us to my theory, can you use this data, to REMAKE reality?  Can you SUPPORT Cyborgs in a reality generated on demand? We have successfully bent reality around humanity to explain this to you let's talk about cartography.
  • As I collected data, I realized that much of it was interated and in some cases could be used on within the system it was collected.
  • So I created a low friction data scale.This allowed me to see applications, services, devices and sensors for their potential to free data from them.
  • My personal data, is ARCHIVED, VISULAIZED, turned into ANALYTICS and processed by compute engines.
  • So I mapped my data existence.
  • I found that:Things where hyper personalThings were communalThings were universal
  • What did I do? I ended up creating a maslows hyeracity of personal data.
  • Having a way to store and compute data was not giving me the easy at a glace I needed. I wanted to SEE the data, ALL the data.
  • HumansComputersConfusion
  • While meditating to up beat music, I drive worse.When you start to see enviromental conditions have effects on external activities, my house behavior dicttated my driving more than traffic.
  • The most remarkable thing I noticed was that not only did I have a data finger print, but that data had a shadow.Systems commenting or working with other systems data. The QS of QS.
  • Finally I looked for systems that used data to create experiences that I could base line against my own data.
  • In reality, seven years out from now in 2020, HUMANS are an option, NOT A CHOICE.Outside in thinking? First, it’s impossible in the entitlement culture.Second, Who’s considering the experience for the tech? Was it as good for the device or software as it was for you?Finally these are people, they are cyborgs who are pattern recognition machines, who outsourced vital functions to their devices and services. NOW THE FUTURIST HAT
  • Disney Magic Band - Today eliminates tickets, money and access.  Tomorrow, it changes the ride for your pleasure, it offers haptic feedback over maps around the park and it makes sure that if your moisture levels are low, you get water.Body Media Disposable Sensor - Today it tracks skin temp, movement, and other health data.Tomorrow, it's what you use to gain access to a movie, instead of 20.00  per family member.  It collects anonymous data on your experience DURING the film, and moves are re-edited and recut for each new showing or in real time.SLIDE TRANSITIONConsumer experiences are data driven and INTIMATE.You don’t have a relationship with customers, you have a relationship with their experiential data.
  • My data is growing, your data is growing, let’s figure out a way to accomplish amazing things.SLIDE TRANSITIONFacebook you can group off and solve games and kitten photos23 and Me, the DNA Sharing site, you can group off and solve massive health issues.BUT data sets like mine, could create new networks, networks that drove people to solutions for social good.
  • What are we, what are we left with? Cyborg Stephen Mann, used technology in the 80's and 90's to reshape is worldWeb Theorist, Nathan Jurgenson, asks us to abandon the "In real life fetish" and the "pathology" of tech use or non use in favor of "being" I, Chris Dancy, have found that it's not the tech that I use, or the digital systems I engage in, but that result of those relationships that have allowed me to RESHAPE the world around me, but starting with me. I live an ASSISTIVE REALITY. Tomorrow, I believe our experiences and our existence will become a single moment, found today in what some call mindfulness, and that moment will be APATIVE REALITY. 
  • Existence as a Platform - Where Quantified Self meets Internet of Things

    1. 1. Quantified Self & The Internet of Things - Remaking reality EXISTENCE AS A PLATFORM
    2. 2. Accelerating the 'Aha' Moment
    3. 3. 2008 #Defragcon #Defragcon @servicesphere @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500 Text “Defragcon” 50500
    4. 4. Body as a Platform Technology 2010 #Defragcon Foundation Humanity @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    5. 5. Data as a Platform Reputation Measurement Digital Quantified Self 2011 #Defragcon Trust Context Foundation Knowledge Locker @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    6. 6. Existence as a Platform Quantified Existence Sensors, Devices, Applications, Services Knowledge Locker Environment Contextual, Proximity, Biological, physiological Storage, Presentation Search, Analysis Algorithm Computation, Influence Priority, Anticipation 2012 #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    7. 7. “Technology has the power to generate ‘phenomenality’.The power to generate what can appear as ‘real’, through Perception.” -Stéphane Vial 2013 #Defragcon 1906 @servicesphere Text “Defragcon”
    8. 8. Misanthropy
    9. 9. #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    10. 10. Data Elysium
    11. 11. Zuckerberg’s Law #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    12. 12. We aren’t suffering from information overload, we are in denial about data intimacy.
    13. 13. SURVEILLANCE / PRIVACY #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    14. 14. SOUSVEILLANCE & DATA EXHAUST "People are not machines, but in every situation where they are given the choice, they will behave like machines.” -Ludwig von Bertalanffy #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    15. 15. Health Experience Home Environmental #Defragcon @servicesphere Bed Truck Text “Defragcon” 50500
    16. 16. #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    17. 17. Journey Existence “Becoming informed is an attempt to synchronize your own head with the reality outside.” -Alexander Bard
    18. 18. #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    19. 19. Low Friction / Passive Collection
    20. 20. My Existence 1.0 PRESENTATION / ANALYTICS / SEARCH / APPLICATION Wolfram TicTrac Evernote Algorithm Archive Analytics PROJECT Timeline Spread Sheet Google Calendar PROTECT #Defragcon Collect REFLECT @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    21. 21. My Existence 1.0 1. Health- Food, Activity, Sleep, Restroom 2. Entertainment – Music, Movies, Books 3. Environment (HOME) –Humidity, Ambient Noise, Air Quality, 4. Social Media – Sharing Personal and Professional Content 5. Knowledge Work- Email, Document Creation, Knowledge Search, Screen Shot 6. Travel- Education and Commerce 7. Opinion – Reviews, Feedback 8. Content Creation - Self Actualization 9. Money - Purchases Amazon, ITunes, PayPal, Banking 10. Spiritual – peace, serenity, prayer, meditation #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    22. 22. Communal Saba #Defragcon Personal @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 505
    23. 23. Maslow’s Quantified Digital Self
    24. 24. 1. Watch Project Runway to eat healthier 2. Leave the house when the cleaning people are here. 3. Listen to Michael Jackson to finish a project. 4. Go to bed before 10 if I have a meeting with XYZ…and don’t eat any starches for 24 hours. 5. Set lights to “Study”, temp to 71, humidity 31% and Music to no more than 71 BMP before 4pm if not sleeping.
    25. 25. Perspective as a Service #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    26. 26. Heart Rate Avg: 61 bpm Heart Rate Max: 79 bpm Heart Rate Min: 58 bpm
    27. 27. Activity Systems Reactions to Activity Systems interacting
    28. 28. Assisted Existence
    29. 29. Pre-conditioned Environments
    30. 30. Device / Application / Service/Sensor Existence as a Platform Engine / API / Collection /Automation Storage / Analytics / Data Visualization UX / Activity #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    31. 31. USER INTERFACE Applications Services #Defragcon Sensors Devices @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    32. 32. AUTOMATION API #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    33. 33. QS+ IOT = Experience Platform Home Environment Work Health Applications Sensors Devices Services #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    34. 34. EXPERIENCE RECIPES (UX) Professional (UX) Existence Platform DIY (UX) Crowd sourced (UX) Adaptive (UX)
    35. 35. CONTINUAL EXISTENCE IMPROVEMNT "Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness” - Alejandro Jodorowski #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    36. 36. CONSUMER EXPERIENCES #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    37. 37. SOCIAL GPS EXPERIENCES February 2012 #Defragcon February 2013 @servicesphere February 2014 Text “Defragcon” 50500
    38. 38. HYPERSIGIL EXPERIENCES Augmented Reality IRL Fetish Assistive Reality Adaptive Reality "We create the myth of the virtual to create the myth of the real.” #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    39. 39. "The machine is a tool. But it is not a neutral tool. We are deeply influenced by the machine while using it." –Jacques Ellul #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    40. 40. #Defragcon @servicesphere Text “Defragcon” 50500
    41. 41. Chris Dancy @servicesphere xt “Defragcon” 50500 - http://bit.ly/defragco Chris.dancy@gmai.com “chrisdancy ” 50500 +1-720-736-9192 @servicesphere