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Citizen Scientist - N of 1


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What if employees were given information about THEIR health and habits in the same way it was given to a world-class researcher or scientist? What would mountains of actionable data do to THEIR LIVES, and how could THEY improve how THEY live?

It started with life logging and the quantified self, and now the first data driven health prosumers are taking over. From measuring the decay of DNA to adjusting the humidity in their homes, the citizen scientist of this decade will radically redefine healthcare, as we understand it.

We will explore:

1. How the role of clinician, physician, and facility will change in this world

2. The role of data collection in understanding future health

3. How to correlate environmental conditions to your biological systems -I would not make this a call out.

4. How emerging trends in genetics and home health will change our world in the next two years

5. The top five things out of 100 you can do to help employees and yourselves start taking charge of your health.

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Citizen Scientist - N of 1

  1. 1. HUMAN
  2. 2. Zuckerberg’s Law
  3. 3. Health Experience Home Connected Chris Dancy
  4. 4. @servicesphere Text “SDI13” 50500
  5. 5. Heart Rate Avg: 61 bpm Heart Rate Max: 79 bpm Heart Rate Min: 58 bpm
  6. 6. October 2012 October 2013
  7. 7. "The machine is a tool. But it is not a neutral tool. We are deeply influenced by the machine while using it." –Jacques Ellul
  8. 8. C ROW D
  9. 9. CROWD v1
  10. 10. CROWD v2
  11. 11. CROWD v2
  12. 12. CROWD v2
  13. 13. CROWD v3
  14. 14. CROWD vNext Humanity as a Platform
  15. 15. COMMUNITY
  16. 16. M A R K E T P L AC E
  17. 17. E M P LOY E E H EA LT H
  19. 19. PHYSICAL
  20. 20. PHYSICAL
  22. 22. MINDFUL
  23. 23. C I T I Z E N E X P LO R E R
  24. 24. MOBILE PHONE
  25. 25. WEARABLES
  26. 26. TRICORDER
  29. 29. You Humana Challenge BMC Software Shutterstock Peers Mentors
  30. 30. Chris Dancy Data exhaust cartographer “chrisdancy ” 50500 +1-720-936-9192 @servicesphere