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overview of the state ofuse them to build mobility and social technologies and how church ministries can

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  1. 1. Are you Leveraging the Mobile Technology to Revolutionize Your Ministry?Strategies to engage your community in a digital way by Chris Daley
  2. 2. Need to Examine Our Approach! behavior shifts Engagement Technology model (r)evolutions migrations New opportunities for technology within your church © 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited
  3. 3. A day in the life of the webLife in the Second Decade of the 21st. Century! Life is now being lived out of the tiny screen! by Chris Daley
  4. 4. A day in the life of the webA Snapshot of a Digital Minute by Chris Daley
  5. 5. A day in the life of the webActivities of a Digital Minute by Chris Daley
  6. 6. Will you ride the waves! or get swept out to sea? by Chris Daley
  7. 7. Wanted - New Ministry Paradigm!If your current ministryparadigm meeting Anybodythe complexity of thisexpectation? AnytimeHow much mindshareAre you getting eachweek? AnywhereMid week & Week-endmeetings onlyLeaves an engagement Any devicegap! by Chris Daley
  8. 8. So what are they using these devices to do? by Chris Daley
  9. 9. Some Key Mega Trend - Moms Go Mobile • Important Demographic: Moms are more likely than the general population to own a smartphone (Source eMarketer/ BabyCenter) • Their usage of the mobile internet skyrocketed between 2009 and 2011 • Two thirds of mothers with a mobile phone uses the mobile web regularly (Source: BSM Media/ eMarketer) by Chris Daley
  10. 10. Is your ministry set up to engage the rapidly growing Mobile Users? by Chris Daley
  11. 11. What is YOUR church’s Mobility Ministry Index (MMI)?82% of all Americans never leave home without their mobile phone.50% of all Americans sleep with their mobile phone66% of all searches are done using a mobile phone? The mobile device is being called “digital appendage” You are losing all this opportunity if your web presence in not ready for mobile! by Chris Daley
  12. 12. So how are You ministering to Joan and her baby? A bedrock faith experience Time-based information A stream of inspiration Simplify her life Entertainment Social interaction Recognition/VIP Treatment Location-based information by Chris Daley
  13. 13. And Matt and his family? A bedrock faith experience Time-based information Give a taste of inspiration Simplify their lives Entertainment/Education Social interaction Recognition/VIP treatment Location-based information by Chris Daley
  14. 14. Sam is wanting to hear from you! A bedrock faith experience Time-based information Give a taste of inspiration Simplify his life Entertainment/Education Social interaction Recognition/VIP treatment Location-based information by Chris Daley
  15. 15. What is Ministry Innovation 2012? by Chris Daley
  16. 16. Your Ministry Best Assets  Your Database of “Leads” and “prospects” is your most valuable asset!  Engagement them on their terms is crucial  Connecting via their mobile device is an untapped portal!  Do not forget those who just have basic landline phones mobile social Let’s build a mobile database and make it social! by Chris Daley
  17. 17. A Sample Web-based Relationship Building System Facebook Hub Site Youtube Mobile by Chris Daley
  18. 18. A Sample Relationship Nurturing System - The DetailsDesign & deliver the hub websiteDesign & deliver the mobile websiteDesign and deliver the Facebook fan pageSet up a branded YouTube channelIntegrate all the web properties to have a seamless enterprise &common brandingSet up the text messaging campaign with keywordSet up the QR code campaign for smartphone and capture analyticsSet up sizzle line for landline prospects by Chris Daley
  19. 19. Sample the PossibilitiesTry both right now and experience what your prospect will see by Chris Daley
  20. 20. Are You Ready for an Innovation Faith Engagement?Leadership?Social are the new means of engagement! Mobile &The use of the mobile technologies are no longer optionalto gain mind and market share in our communities. Let’s partner and enteryour Transformative era. by Chris Daley
  21. 21. Successful Ministry = Dynamic Relevance by Chris Daley
  22. 22. Thank You!Success comes in cans, failure in cants. by Chris Daley