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Chris Countey of WebiMax presents at the Philly SEO Grail about free SEO tools for page speed and architecture.

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Free SEO Tools - Philadelphia SEO Grail

  1. 1. Free SEO ToolsOn Page SEO
  2. 2. Improving Page Speed: Does it matter?• 2010: Speed added as a factor to Google algorithm – < 1% of searches effected, especially page 1 results – Fast does not mean you’ll get ranked in the top 10 (sorry) – Links and content are probably more important – Can influence long-tail results, bounce rates, conversionsGoogle blog: post (with some funny comments): matter
  3. 3. Improving Page Speed: Does it matter?• 2011: Google’s NYT released an article about Google’s energy usage: “[Google’s] data centers around the world continuously draw almost 260 million watts — about a quarter of the output of a nuclear power plant.” – Faster, more efficiently-built websites take less resources (see: electricity) to crawl, index, deliver, etc. – Google has a thing for green stuff • Saved energy = $$$ • Saved energy also = “we’re good for the environment”
  4. 4. Improving Page Speed: Does it matter?• 2012: Theme of Google’s Think Quarterly site: Speed – Urs Hoelzle (also quoted in the NYT article above) The average web page takes 4.9 seconds to load – in a world where fractions of a second count, that’s an eternity.
  5. 5. I’m just sayin’…• Web pages keep getting bigger Between 1995 and 2010, the average web page grew from 14k with 2.3 objects to 484k with 75 objects.• Impact of 1-second delay A site that typically earns $100,000 a day could lose $2.5 million in sales this year.• Shopzilla: Faster pages = 12% revenue increase In 2009, Shopzilla became the poster child for web performance when it shaved almost 5 seconds from its page load times and increased revenue by 7-12%.• Amazon: 100ms faster = 1% revenue increase A mere five years ago, this was one of the earliest reported studies on the relationship between site speed and revenue.• AOL: Faster pages led to 50% more page views In a 2009 study, AOL found that visitors in the top ten percentile of site speed viewed, on average, 7.5 pages per site visit. Visitors in the bottom ten percentile viewed just 5 pages per visit.• Yahoo: 400ms faster = 9% more traffic In 2008, Yahoo! reported that making pages just 400 milliseconds slower resulted in a traffic drop of up to 9%.• Mozilla: Faster pages = 60M more downloads By making just a few minor tweaks to top landing pages, Mozilla estimated that they drove an additional 60 million Firefox downloads per year. Source:
  6. 6. Nice Site!How Visitors May See It Image source: p-51a-mustang-andy/
  7. 7. How Google and Developers May See It• What’s under the hood?• How fast is the page?• What’s worth fixing and how?• How does it look to spiders? Image source: block/2009/02/Mustang%20engine.jpg
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Waterfall View• Displays all files needed to completely render the page• Pay close attention to the First View, this is the first impression and can make or break engagement!• Most importantly, don’t go chasin’ waterfalls
  10. 10. Parallel DownloadsPro tip: Conditional comments can block resourcesfrom loading in parallel in Internet Explorer. Place anempty conditional comment before any externalresources to eliminate the blocking behavior.
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Navigation Timing
  15. 15. Speed Metrics in Google Tools• Google Webmaster Tools – Shows your site in relation to others – Shows example URLs with load times and recommendations
  16. 16. Speed Metrics in Google Tools• Google Analytics – Requires the new version – Requires asynchronous version of GA tracking – Additional line of code in GA script
  17. 17. Raven’s GA Config Tool•• (While we’re here, Raven has a tool, too: )
  18. 18. CSS Tidy (Combine and minify CSS)•
  19. 19. Closure Compiler (Combine and minify JS)•
  20. 20. Sprite Me (Quick and dirty CSS sprites)•
  21. 21. I see whatcha did there, Facebook•
  22. 22. YSlow•
  23. 23. Google PageSpeed•
  24. 24. Full Page Render. Wow.
  25. 25. Look Ma, No Images
  26. 26. This isn’t very prettyPlugin: Web Developer
  27. 27. Xenu Link SleuthXenu? Is itreally you? • Free web crawler • Discover broken links and create a sitemap • Can be used with Excel for further data discovery • http://
  28. 28. Xenu Link Sleuth
  29. 29. See What Pages are Linking to 404s
  30. 30. Use Xenu to Create Index Sitemaps
  31. 31. Screaming Frog is Actually a Spider. Confused?•
  32. 32. SEO Doctor and BuiltWith
  33. 33. Firebug
  34. 34. Xray
  35. 35. Thanks for listening!Let’s connect:+Chris CounteyTwitter: @chriscounteyEmail: