How to start a lingerie store properly


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How to start a lingerie store properly

  1. 1. How  to  Start  a  Lingerie  Store  Properly  in  lingerie   Lingerie  business   is   one   of   the   best  lucrative  businesses.  You  will  be  successful  in  this  business  if  you  learn  how  to  start   a   lingerie   store   properly.   It   is   not   hard   to   start   this   business   and   this   article  will  show  the  best  steps  that  you  can  follow.  When   starting   a   lingerie   store,   you   need   to   write   a   business   plan,   have   capital,  choose  the  right  location,  register  your  business,  open  a  wholesale  account,  hire  an  accountant  and  staff  and  market  your  business.  1.  Write  a  Business  Plan  The  first  thing  that  you  must  start  with  when  you  want  to  open  a  lingerie  store  is  to   write   a   good   business   plan.   The   business   plan   should   have   the   name,  definitions,   vision,   plan   of   action,   funding   and   the   location   of   your   lingerie  business.  You  should  also  include  the  research  that  you  have  done.  This  is  very  important  when  you  are  starting  the  business.  2.  Capital  In  starting  any  lingerie  store,  you  must  have  enough  capital.  You  will  not  make  huge   profits   in   your   first   months;   therefore,   the   capital   that   you   will   start   with  must   be   a   huge   capital.   If   you   can   finance   your   lingerie,   then   you   can   use   your  own  finances,  but  if  you  don’t  have  enough  capital,  then  apply  for  financing.  With  the   extra   capital,   your   business   will   continue   operating,   even   though   you   have  not  started  making  any  profits.  3.  The  Right  Location  Your   lingerie   store   will   grow   faster   if   you   choose   the   right   location.   For   example,  starting   a   lingerie   store   in   places   where   there   are   several   other   lingerie   stores  
  2. 2. will  only  increase  the  competition.  Your  business  will  not  grow  faster  in  places  like  these.  The  best  location  is  the  place  that  has  shops  such  as  spas,  hair  salons  and  dress  shops.  This  is  because  women  visit  these  shops  regularly  and  you  will  find  your  customers  easily.  4.  Register  Your  Business  Registering  your  lingerie  business  will  make  it  legit  and  you  will  avoid  running  into   any   problems   with   the   government   officials.   The   process   of   registering   a  business  is  not  the  same  in  all  the  states,  counties  or  cities.  Therefore,  you  need  to  visit  your  city  administration  to  give  you  all  the  information  that  you  require.  5.  Wholesale  Account  The  next  step  on  how  to  start  a  lingerie  store  is  to  open  a  wholesale  account  with  each  lingerie  supplier.  These  lingerie  stores  have  sales  representatives  who  will  help   you   in   choosing   the   right   combination   of   products   when   you   are   opening  your   store.   You   will   avoid   the   mistakes   that   are   made   by   most   people   who   are  starting  the  lingerie  business.  6.  Hire  an  Accountant  and  Staff  You  need  to  hire  an  accountant  who  will  help  you  in  setting  up  a  good  accounting  system.   Your   accountant   will   help   you   in   calculating   the   income   taxes   and  making   sure   that   they   are   paid   on   time.   The   staff   that   you   hire   must   read   the  employee   manual.   This   way,   your   lingerie   business   will   be   operated   just   the   way  you  like.  7.  Marketing  You  should  not  look  only  for  the  best  ways  of  how  to  start  a  lingerie  store,  but  you   must   also   learn   how   to   market   your   lingerie   store.   Your   lingerie   business  will   never   be   successful   if   you   do   not   market   it.   You   can   market   your   business  either  online  or  offline.  When  marketing  online,  use  social  networking  sites.  Therefore,  these  are  the  best  steps  that  you  can  follow  when  you  want  to  start  a  flourishing   lingerie   business.   You   should   write   a   business   plan,   have   capital,  choose  the  right  location,  register  your  business,  have  a  wholesale  account,  hire  an  accountant  and  staff  and  market  your  business  properly  if  you  want  it  to  be  successful.­‐to-­‐start-­‐a-­‐lingerie-­‐store-­‐properly/    
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