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Choosing the perfect geisha costume


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Choosing the perfect geisha costume

  1. 1. Choosing the Perfect Geisha CostumeThe beauty and exotic mystery of the Geisha is something every woman would love to embody,and come Halloween there is no reason that you cant. Geishas are lovely, graceful entertainerswho have a very well-known appearance. When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are twomain directions you can go in for the perfect look.The traditional Geisha costume is a heavy kimono paired with platform sandals and a complicatedhairstyle involving hairpins. The beautiful patterns and fabrics of the kimono come in a widerange of choices, but finding a true Geisha kimono for a Halloween costume might be a littledifficult - and costly. Simpler versions are often the best choice. As for the shoes, the traditionalGeisha shoe is a little difficult to obtain and walk in - try something a little simpler that seems tofit the style.Madame General X Costume Madame General X Costume is a black Military inspired female cop costume featuring a snap front top, corset, matching skirt with buckle corset, hardware detail, belt and gloves military costume comes in one size. The black color of the costume allows for accessories like crystal necklace. They are ideal Halloween costumes for women bringing out a sexy and naughty look, the costume can be won to parties with friends, as club wear or can be the perfect attire for an interesting romantic night. The police officer fantasy dress costume evokes the thoughts of a corrupt cop character just like in the movies. The sexy cop costume is in stock and its price has been reduced by $56 to sell at US$29.95 an offer you cant refuse. Just pick it.Tags: costumes for women, halloween costumes for women, sexy cop costume, general halloween costume, sexygeneral costume, adult fantasy costumes, lingerie halloween costume, sexy lingerie costume, sexy lingeriehalloween costume, sexy costume lingerieIf you want something a little sexier, a kimono style with a shorter skirt and a lot more visible skinis a more modern take on the look. Simple, sexy costumes that use Japanese prints and the widewaistband common to kimonos are a great choice for anyone wanting that Eastern mystique mixedwith a Western flair.
  2. 2. Geisha makeup is easy to imitate, and you dont have to go as far as the full white makeup to get agreat effect. A simple base of foundation that is on the lighter side will do fine, although you cancertainly get white Halloween face makeup if you prefer. Bright red lipstick and dark black eyeliner and eyebrows are the finishing touches to your Geisha look. If you love to play with makeup,spend some time creating a cat-like look with black eyeliner. The effect will be stunning with aGeisha costume.Stop Traffic Cop Costume This stop traffic cop costume is designed for the sexy woman. This four piece outfit consists of a short sexy black dress, a baton, hand cuffs and of course a police officer hat. The sexy cop costume has a plunging neckline to enhance the cleavage and add extra sex appeal. Leather always gives the feeling of power and for this reason; the cop costume also has some patent leather ends on the edge of the sleeves, the hem of the skirt as well as the bodice. The leather bodice is softened up by the addition of a lace up detail which can be adjusted to further enhance the cleavage. The baton hand cuffs and police hat finish the sexy costume lingerie perfectly by adding the final extra touches on this sexy cop costume.This sexy lingerie costume is perfect for a costume party or for those who are more daring inthe bedroom, the sexy cop costume can be used for role playing.Again, when it comes to the shoes sticking with tradition is entirely optional. Simple sandals orover the top sexy heels are both great options. The Geisha is a symbol of beauty and womanlygrace, but many of us simply see the look as one with incredible sex appeal. Certainly the exoticnature of the costume lends itself to a truly sexy look - so pick shoes that make you feel sexy andbeautiful.Simple chopsticks placed in a bun at the top of your head will make the hairstyle of a Geishacomplete, but wigs are also available with the hair already done for you. If you happen to havelong black hair, it wont be difficult to get the look.Whether you prefer traditional Geisha garb or something a lot more modern and a lot sexier, youcan make this costume truly your own.
  3. 3. Boxer Babe Costume Sexy sporty that is the best way to describe this Boxer babe costume, if you want to look fierce and alluring at the same time then this is the perfect costume for you. Get to feature you and show off the body. This ladies boxer costume comes with an affordable price; you can have it for $19.95. If you are looking for an interesting concept during the Halloween then this baby boxing costume will work for you. If you want to make a new interpretation of the dominatrix costume in the bedroom then this ladies boxer costume will fit the description. It adds an air of mystery with the hooded robe, and will include a dress as well as a belt to make thecostume look even more interesting. Unlike the traditional boxers this makes you look strongand still feminine, a hard to achieve look that only this interesting costume can provide.TAGS: ladies boxer costume,baby boxing costume,sexy boxer halloweencostumes,women s boxer costume,sexy boxer halloween costume,boxergirl halloween costumes,womens boxer costume,sexy lingeriecostume,sexy lingerie halloween costume,lingerie halloween costume