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Why you should come to DrupalSouth


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Why Melbournians should come to DrupalSouth… From Drupal Melbourne Jan 2014

Published in: Technology, Business
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Why you should come to DrupalSouth

  1. 1. DRUPAL SOUTH 10 reasons you should come
  2. 2. IT’S 3 HOURS AWAY Kind of…
  3. 3. FILMS See the… sets
  4. 4. THE MAYOR Well… Pretty much
  5. 5. THE VIEW It really looks like this…
  6. 6. THE VENUE It’s a Museum!
  7. 7. NO DRIES :( 5 people had to take his place…
  8. 8. SESSIONS 40 to choose from, Training, business day, BOFs…
  9. 9. LIQUID REFRESHMENT Wherever there is a DrupalCon, there is…
  10. 10. CODE SPRINT Show some love…
  11. 11. IT WILL BE AWESOME It always is…
  12. 12. FEB 14TH-16TH