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Jquery mobile

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Jquery mobile

  1. 1. MelbourneJQUERY MOBILE Mobile, 9 th July
  2. 2. INTRO TO JQUERY MOBILE Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets A unified, HTML5- based user interface system. Built on the rock- solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation
  3. 3. WHAT IS IT EXACTLY?A mobile optimised interface for websites, not really applications per seHTML 5, Javascript, CSS collectionCurrent Version 1.1Could be used before app wrapper, i.e. PhoneGap
  4. 4. COMPATIBILIT Y?Very high… iOs 3.2+ Android 2.1+ Windows Phone 7/7.5 Blackberry 6/7 And many more, with varying grades of compatibility…
  5. 5. FEATURES Highly compatible Lightweight Modular Utilises Standards Responsive Ajax powered Accessibility Touch and Mouse supported Powerful theming Usual widgets, components etc
  6. 6. THEMEROLLERCreate a theme visually and download
  7. 7. WHO’S USING IT?IkeaKhan AcademyDisney WorldSlideshare
  8. 8. HIGHLY EXTENSIBLE Lots of books… Many 3 rd party tools Many 3 rd party plugins  Icons  Developer tools  Rails  Drupal  Sharepoint  OmniGraffle  Visio  Many more…
  9. 9. DEMONSTRATIONDownload from