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Extend Drupal with a CRM, DrupalGov 2013


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CRMs are a valuable tool in helping track your constituents or contacts and your interactions with them. Whether those interactions are memberships or donations, demographics or hot issues, surveying members or a variety of other potential interactions, recording them accurately to know who is most engaged with your organisation is an important task.

Through this roundtable we'll discuss the various CRM options available and how well the integrate with Drupal, including case studies of Australian organisations using CiviCRM, Salesforce and many other solutions.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Extend Drupal with a CRM, DrupalGov 2013

  1. 1. Extending Drupal with a CRM DrupalGov, August 2013 @chrischinch, @chrisdubrow, Martin Schwall
  2. 2. CateChris Pablo
  3. 3. PabloCate Feeds
  4. 4. Pablo Sleeps
  5. 5. Two divisions of CRM Sales Lead management Social Business streamlining Non-profit Engagement Donations Memberships
  6. 6. But why integrate? One login for your visitors Consistent visual appearance Extraction of key data Automation of processes
  7. 7. More time for…
  8. 8. Chris & Cate Fun
  9. 9. Pablo Sleeps
  10. 10. RedHen Platform: Drupal 7 License: Open Source Type: nfp/misc Activity: Low Integration: Views, Roles, Rules, Fields, Entity, Commerce Features: Contact management, Activities, Even ts, Memberships, Contributio ns, Events, Email, Reports Customisation: It’s basically Drupal
  11. 11. Questions? Chris Ward @chrischinch Look for ‘Chris Chinchilla’ on LinkedIn, G+ etc
  12. 12. CiviCRM case study: Australian Greens • National body with states, • One CiviCRM, using Drupal multisite for separate sites, Parent with Children • Importance of understanding beauty of CRM logic • Multisite means new sub-sites can spring up, campaigns etc • Separation of memberships etc for each state • Fundraising: donations, (for states or campaigns), ticketed events, Merch etc • Integration with Social Media • Access control for multiple levels, from national, state, local groups
  13. 13. CiviCRM case study: Single MPs / NGOs • Based on needs of a single office • Tracking contacts, donations, events • Important to think through logic first: e.g. tags, groups, contact types • Groups and Smart Groups important – especially for bulk email • Example – Splitting constituents and Media – with relationships