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Drupal - Melbourne cryptoparty


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A small talk ab

Published in: Technology
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Drupal - Melbourne cryptoparty

  1. 1. DrupalCryptoparty, Melbourne 27th Oct @chrischinch
  2. 2. Overview‘Drupal’ is a TrademarkReleased under GPLlicense, as are all modules andthemesDrupal distributionsA healthy consultant /developer ecosystemAcquia and commercialisation
  3. 3. You’re in good company…
  4. 4. Why use an Open Source CMS? Freedom After a bit of work Especially with Drupal
  5. 5. Data inCSV, XML, RSS, JSON, KML, OPML, RDF, SQL, SSO, Oauth, OpenID, SocialLogins, phpBB, Joomla, Wordpress, LiveJournal…And more!
  6. 6. Data Out…CSV, RSS, XML, JSON, TXT, Serialize, Node CodeMORE
  7. 7. Security processOpen sourceSecurity TeamMost vulnerabilities, “Badpractice”
  8. 8. Security FeaturesPasswordsPrivate keysCookies / SessionsPasswords never emailedCross-site forgery / ScriptingData SanitisationDatabase Abstraction Layer
  9. 9. SecuringDisabling PHP FiltersCheck HTML FiltersCaptcha / MollomStatus ReportError Logs
  10. 10. PrivacyBasic user tracking by defaultMany other initial flaws slowlyresolvedPublic & private fieldsHighly configurablepermissionsCookies / EU compliance
  11. 11. More?Drupal’s first ‘official’ DrupalConSydney, 6th Feb 2013