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Customising civicrm


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The various methods to customise your CiviCRM installation to meet your needs and requirements.

From Melbourne CiviCRM, Oct 29th 2012

Published in: Technology
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Customising civicrm

  1. 1. CUSTOMISINGCIVICRMMelbourne CiviCRM meetup, 29th OctoberChris Ward@chrischinch
  2. 2. Almost too customisable!• Default options• Custom Data• Profiles• CSS / Javascript• Template Overrides• PHP Overrides• CMS modules• Extensions
  3. 3. Default options • Customise default: • Tags • Activity Types • Suffixes/Prefixes • Locations • And many more…
  4. 4. Custom DataCustom field sets forcollecting specificinformation in specificsituations.
  5. 5. Custom Data• Create a set• Assign it to component• Set other options
  6. 6. Custom Data• Add fields• Wide variety of data types and display styles• Hard to change, so plan!
  7. 7. Custom Data• Shows on: • forms • front end • searches (searchable) • Reports• Watch your ACL
  8. 8. Custom Data demo…
  9. 9. Profiles Methods of collecting data from users in a variety of places
  10. 10. Profiles • A variety of options depending where and how you want to collect data
  11. 11. Profiles • Add fields from most sources • Configure settings
  12. 12. Profiles • Use as a form link or HTML snippet
  13. 13. Profiles demo…
  14. 14. CSS/JavaScript• Use CMS theme• Custom folder beyond this• JavaScript… It depends
  15. 15. Template Overrides • Override most aspects of look and feel • Separate from CMS theme • Override folder location must be set • Smarty
  16. 16. Template Overrides • Find relevant file from URL path • A little hit and miss • Mentioned somewhere in page code • Duplicate exact structure from templates folder • Go crazy!
  17. 17. Template Overrides • ‘Extra’ files • Especially JavaScript • Same process • ‘template_to_append_to. extra.tpl’
  18. 18. Template Overrides demo…
  19. 19. PHP OverridesPretty much the sameas Templates but logicBe careful…
  20. 20. CMS modules • If you need your CMS to react to CiviCRM actions or work better with it • Many existing • Webform integration a standout • Best support in Drupal
  21. 21. CMS Modules • Utilises ‘Hooks’ triggered during CiviCRM program flow • Write code to be processed when those hooks are triggered • Drupal module • Joomla! plugin • Wordpress custom php
  22. 22. CMS Modules demo…
  23. 23. Extensions• New CMS agnostic ‘modules’• Downloadable tool to get you started• Extension can show to all CiviCRM (4.2) users
  24. 24. Extensions Demo…