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CiviCRM and Wordpress


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Presentation on CiviCRM and Wordpress from Melbourne Wordpress meetup, 8th August

Published in: Technology, Business
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CiviCRM and Wordpress

  1. 1. What is CiviCRM?• Open source CRM software• Designed for Non-Profits, Membership and Advocacy Organizations• Translated and localised• Regular NTEN overall grade of A• Integrated with Drupal, Joomla! and Wordpress
  2. 2. Key CRM Features• Manage constituents• Flexible search capabilities• Strong reporting• Highly extensible• Free and Open Source
  3. 3. Contributions & Memberships• Confirmations and reminders• Online / offline donations• Several payment processors• Self-service member signup andrenewal• Tracks member status
  4. 4. Event Management• Multiple publish locations• Confirmation and reminders• Price sets• Offline tools
  5. 5. Bulk Mail• High-capacity broadcast email• Fixed or “smart” groups• Personalise via mail-merge• Marketing tracking
  6. 6. Other cool features…• Tell-a-friend• Social sharing• Personal fundraising pages• CiviMobile• CiviCase• CiviGrant• CiviEngage
  7. 7. Who’s Using CiviCRM• WikiMedia Foundation• Amnesty International• Electronic Frontiers Foundation (Soon EFA)• Voiceless• PILCH Victoria• Greens party of Australia and NZ• Several branches of Liberal party• And many more with contact databases from hundreds to millions…
  8. 8. Evaluating CiviCRM• Free software… BUT, requires technical skills OR budget for expert• Rapidly evolving and changing• Growing integrator ecosystem• “Specialized” hosting companiesDo you need a web-based non-profit focused CRM, withthe current feature-set AND integrated with a ContentManagement application?
  9. 9. Integrate and Customize• CiviCRM Profiles and custom data• Import and Export data• Custom screen layouts (templating)• Custom search framework• Public APIs - allow other tools toinsert, update and retrieve CRM data
  10. 10. Wrap upChris Ward@chrischinchchrischinchilla.comI work for moatmedia.comMelbourne meetup –
  11. 11. DEMO TIME…