Bridge metrics channel marketing overview 2013


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Bridge metrics channel marketing overview 2013

  1. 1. Bridge MetricsChris MayVice President Business DevelopmentApril 27, 2013Value, Visibility, and Velocity for Marketing and Sales
  2. 2. 1 Owned and operated by channel veterans Based in Dallas, Texas Flagship SaaS Application: Channel Avenue– Purpose built for the channel!– Drive Value, Visibility, and Velocity in channel sales– Customers include vendors, resellers, & distributors Provider of Channel Marketing ProgramsMeet Bridge Metrics
  3. 3. 2A Few of our CustomersWe’ve never lost one!SaaS Only SaaS & Services
  4. 4. 3The Infamous Pyramid / Go-to-market SlideCA ProgramsFully bakedLet us do ALL the work!Professional Services TeamQuick start training, system tuning, and there tohelp implement your existing programs.Channel Avenue SaaS Platform LicenseCampaign Management, Automation, Closed Loop Reporting
  5. 5. 4Channel Avenue a Platform for SuccessDigital Asset ManagementTurn your supporting videos, white papers, collateral and moreinto customized and personalized marketing assets on the flyChannel Marketing AutomationLaunch email campaigns directly from Channel Avenue, withfollow up email workflows triggered on time or behaviorClosed-Loop Lead ManagementTake the leaks out of the lead management process, ensuringleads are delivered to the right owner, are qualified adequately,and provide full visibility into end users’ actionsCentralized ReportingTrack real-time campaign metricsAnd do this all from the convenienceof your inbox – No logins required!“Channel Avenue is the mostcomprehensive platform I’veever seen to manage ALL of myin-direct sales & marketingactivities. The best part is mysales reps love it!”Regan Ogner, McAfeeChannel Avenue Is Utilized by More than 100 Vendors, 7800 Resellers, and 18,000 SalesPersonnel Globally to see their marketing, sales, and partnerships more clearly.
  6. 6. 5How Our Customers Use Channel AvenuePartner EnablementProvide the sales and marketing toolssales teams and channel partners need —co-branded, personalized and delivereddirectly to their inbox.Demand GenerationCustomized, integrated, multi-channeldemand generation programs to buildpipeline, accelerate lead conversion andincrease return on investment (ROI).Partner RecruitmentExpand, maximize and enabletheir channel sales organization.Channel MarketingAutomationEngage inbound leads, targeted lists orprospects with customized campaigns.Based on prospect behavior, continue tonurture each lead until it is qualified.Adding Value, Velocity & Visibility in the Channel Sales & Marketing ProcessClosed Loop LeadTracking & Analytics
  7. 7. 6Full- Service Channel Marketing ProgramsAvailable for licensed Channel Avenue customersChannel MarketingAutomationDemandGenerationPartnerEnablement
  8. 8. Our Solutions Are:• Contact acquisition & validation• Email marketing• Landing page design & implementation• Social media consulting and strategic planning• Telemarketing servicesKey Benefits• Take advantage of working with a team with extensive channel sales and marketingexperience• Generate qualified appointments, leads and event attendees to exponentially driveyour pipeline• Create co-branded emails and landing pages that are customizable to your specificbusiness goals and key differentiating factors• Capture key data points about current clients and prospects to best qualify and maintainreliability in your database• Track leads from inception to close• Create solutions designed to be flexible and turn-key extensions of your marketing efforts7Demand Generation ProgramsOpportunity Generation, Qualification & Nurturing ProgramsClient UtilizationProgram OverviewBridge Metrics providescustomized, integrated,multi-channel demandgeneration programs tohelp your partners buildpipeline, accelerate leadconversion and ultimatelyincrease return oninvestment (ROI). We workwith each partnerindividually to custom tailorprograms to meet theirspecific businessrequirements; generatingleads, appointments orevent attendees.
  9. 9. 8Inbound Lead GenerationSites & BlogsNewslettersSocial MediaMobileTargetMarketInterestedProspectsProspects whomeet your criteriaare delivered!We promote your content across our publishing network of over 25 million buyers.Program includes: Guaranteed # of Leads Filter by Geo, Company Size, Job Function Custom Questions Available Channel Avenue Integration
  10. 10. 9Outbound Lead GenerationLead List CreationWe generate a list ofcontacts who meetyour criteriaLead QualificationWe call each contacton the list and tele-qualify them based onBANT criteriaLead DeliveryWe deliver a guaranteednumber of BANT qualifiedleads.BudgetAuthorityNeedTimelineWe engage your target market with a multi-channel campaign, tele-qualify, and deliver them to you!Market to ListWe market to your newcontact list throughemail and socialcampaigns
  11. 11. 10Appointment SettingBooked AppointmentsWe deliver a guaranteednumber of BANT qualifiedleads.We engage your target market with a multi-channel campaign, tele-qualify, and book theappointment for your partner or sales team.Lead List CreationWe generate a list ofcontacts who meetyour criteriaLead QualificationWe call each contacton the list and tele-qualify them based onBANT criteriaMarket to ListWe market to your newcontact list throughemail and socialcampaigns
  12. 12. 11Full- Service Channel Marketing AutomationAvailable for licensed Channel Avenue customersChannel MarketingAutomationDemandGenerationPartnerEnablement
  13. 13. Our Solutions Are Customized to Your SpecificProgram Requirements and Can Include:• Lead Scoring Program Development• Nurture Program Development– Campaign Segmentation– Behavior or Time-based Workflows• Inbound Lead Acquisition Programs• List Acquisition• Email Marketing• Landing Page Design & Implementation• Social Media Consulting and Strategic Planning• Telemarketing ServicesKey Benefits• Maintain consistent and automated dialogue with prospects• Creation of custom communication based on prospect and customer actions• Distribute only leads that meet certain criteria via contracted leadscoring model• Create sales lead satisfaction12Channel Marketing Automation: OverviewCreate Sales-Ready LeadsClient UtilizationProgram OverviewBridge Metrics will engageinbound leads, targetedlists or your prospects withcustomized campaigns.Based on their behavior,we continue to nurtureeach lead until it isqualified. By scoring leadson a tiered basis, we areable to deliver the hottestprospects to your partnersand ensure each prospect’sinterest is clearly identifiedand solidified.
  14. 14. 13Channel Marketing Automation ProgramHow to DevelopMore Prospects5%Only 5% of the leadsthat you pass to yourpartner sales teamsare qualified.21The average prospectconverts to a lead in21 touches, yet 50%of sales reps quitafter the first call.65%65% of all leadnurturing programsfail because they arenot setup & managedcorrectlyThe Problems
  15. 15. 14Channel Marketing Automation: EquipmentTo solve these problem you’ll need the right equipment. They’re standard issue with our programStrategy Technology Creative ExpertiseSituation AnalysisScoring RulesPartner On-BoardingChannel AvenueCRM IntegrationAlerts / WorkflowsReporting & AnalysisEmail TemplatesLanding PagesCopy Writing,Content CollectionTurnkey campaignexecution, ListProcurement,Status CallsFor Best Results! Combine CMA withour inbound lead program
  16. 16. 15Channel Marketing Automation ProcessMary interacts with your content(e.g., downloads a whitepaper)Mary is assigned to a partner,and automatically enters anurture track. She receives co-branded and personalized emailmessages over timeMary enjoys themessages she’sreceiving and continuesto click calls to action.Mary’s behaviors flip triggerswhich place her on differentnurturing tracks specific to herinterestsMary’s behavior score inChannel Avenue increasesas she interacts withcontentWhen Mary’s score reachesa pre-determinedthreshold a “Hot Prospect”alert is sent to sales.Other prospects enteryour funnel and aretracked and nurtured thesame way as Mary.All prospect data is fullyanalyzed and reported on inreal time to allow for in-flight“tweaks” to your campaign.Contact1Analyze8Track2Alert6Refine4Score5Offer3Build7
  17. 17. 16Full- Service Partner Enablement ProgramAvailable for licensed Channel Avenue customersChannel MarketingAutomationDemandGenerationPartnerEnablement
  18. 18. TOOLKITS can support a broad rangeof activities in your organization:• Lead Generation• Product or Solution Marketing• Telemarketing & Call Blitz Programs• Customer Nurture Programs• Sales Calls• Sales & New Hire TrainingKey Benefits• Bundle your marketing assets, including collateral, videos, white papers andmore into easy-to-use, easy-to-access and easy-to-share TOOLKITS.• All supporting marketing materials are co-branded and personalizedon the fly• Provide sales teams and channel partners an easy way to sharematerials with customers and track when it was viewed• And do this all from the convenience of your inbox – no logins required!17Partner Enablement OverviewThe Marketing Tool Your Sales Team and Partners Will Really UseClient UtilizationProgram OverviewLet’s face it…your salesrepresentatives andchannel partners are tiredof digging through multipleweb sites, portals and filefolders looking for the rightmarketing assets to supporttheir sales initiative. Now,your fully co-branded andpersonalized marketingmaterials can be available intheir inbox – ready to go,on the fly.
  19. 19. 18Partner Enablement: Solution TOOLKITSWith TOOLKITS, marketing assets are co-branded, personalized and delivered directlyto their inbox. Plus, each TOOLKIT includes a"Share with Customers" button allowingthe easy distribution of your content toend-users. Plus, we notify your sales teamsthe best time to engage with their prospects!Personalized and co-branded contentfor each personEasily accessed on-the-goKnow instantly when customers are interestedMulti-purpose enablement– Product launches– Sales training– Event follow-up– Reseller recruitmentDeliver co-branded and personalized assets to the inbox of your sales teams
  20. 20. 19ZingDocs Real-Time NotificationsLike tagging an animal and releasing it into the wild, ZingDocs will track your marketing assets and letyou know instantly how your customers are interacting with it.
  21. 21. 20Ready-To-Launch (RTL) CampaignsAllow your partners to create their own email campaigns - right from their inbox 4 Clicks to create a co-branded andpersonalized email campaign. Comes complete with an auto-generated lead capture landingpage. Create customizable regions ineach template. Real-Time engagement andutilization stats.
  22. 22. 21Marketing Content SubscriptionsKeep your partners up-to date weekly with your freshest marketing content Create a content conveyor belt foryour sales teams Deliver relevant content to yoursales teams on a consistent basis Each asset is co-branded &personalized for each sales rep Assets are easily shared withprospects through email,Facebook, LInkedIn, and Twitter Real-Time engagement andutilization stats
  23. 23. 22Success PackEach Bridge Metrics full service program include a “Success Pack” to make sure everything goes offwithout a hitch! Here’s what’s included.Client Service Rep Dedicated to Your Success Single point of contact Weekly Status CallsProgram Setup Strategy Timelines ResultsPartner On-Boarding One-On-One Webinars DocumentationProgram Launch Managed execution ParticipantCommunicationsQuality Assurance Listens and approveor rejects to each leadIn-Flight Optimization In-Flight Checkpoints Message / CTA OptimizationPost Campaign Review ROI analysis and finalpresentation
  24. 24. 23Reporting & AnalyticsVisibility is a Beautiful Thing!And we dont mean any normal visibility.Channel Avenue gives deep, clear,in-context visibility, and in real-time.Now you can tweak your programsin-flight to get the most lift possible.
  25. 25. Campaign ManagementDigital Asset ManagementLead ManagementPipeline ManagementClosed Loop ReportingChannel Avenue PlatformThe Foundation for Channel Marketing Success24Full-Service Channel Marketing ProgramsDemand GenerationInbound, Tele-Qualified, AppointmentsChannel MarketingAutomationNurture, Score, DeliverPartner EnablementSolution Toolkits, Subscriptions, RTLsReporting & AnalyticsReal-Time, drill-downSuccess PackIncluded in all programsDedicated CSR, Setup, On-boarding,Quality Assurance, Optimization
  26. 26. 25Chris Maychris.may@bridgemetrics.comMobile: 650-576-3989