Analysis of the Midtown Sacramento Twittersphere


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A speculative research project exploring the Midtown Sacramento Twitter community.

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Analysis of the Midtown Sacramento Twittersphere

  1. 1. ! Theeffective !! ! ! Use of! ! ! ! ! United State Clothing | Hot Italian | Capitol Garage | Urban Hive
  2. 2. Client: United State Clothing Last Activity: 8:22 PM Jun 4th Followers: 765 Commerce What you are doing well: Fresh A boutique is always filtering in new limited editions and custom pieces. The store’s inventory is different every day. The content of your Twitter feed mirrors that brand truth, freshness. Integration Your social media platforms are well integrated. The twitter feed on your website shows visitors that you actually update your feed daily with relevant info and insider events. Culture Sac Press Recommendation: In-store Twitter Feed The quality of the feed is so good that you can broadcast it on a dedicated display in store or in the storefront display. The presence of the feed in-store would prompt patrons to follow all of your great events/happenings online. A blending of virtual space and commercial space.
  3. 3. Client: The Urban Hive Last Activity: 8:06 AM Jun 5th Followers: 1,403 What you are doing well: Community People are engaging with your resident artists at the “TED talks”. Twitter is a great way for potential attendees to learn when the talks are happening. Once community members and potential resident artists come to your talks, they “ReTweet” about what a great experience it was. This ensures a steady flow of new people through a facility that would otherwise be just another studio space. Twitter Lists Your Twitter feed is funneling artists and community members to your feed and the “Urban Hive Artists” list within. This ensures that the individual artist who make up the cooperative will be highlighted as well. Sac Press Recommendation: Art Walk Second Saturdays are a great time to host a mobile art walk. Rally at The Urban Hive. Broadcast the event to your existing followers and tell them to bring a friend. Once The Hive takes flight, you can tweet your current location as you go. Stragglers will join in and anyone who is in the area who is following you will know where the Hive is. With the influx of visitors on Second Saturday you are bound to network and collect new followers. Followers often turn into customers and can refer new artists to the cooperative. Sat 6:34 pm “RT Just saw “The Hive”. They are headed to The Beatnik Studios”
  4. 4. ! TheIneffective ! ! ! ! Use of! ! ! ! ! Old Soul Co. | Clubhouse 24 | The Beat | Bows + Arrows
  5. 5. Client: Old Soul Co. Last Activity: 11:38 AM Jun 2nd Followers: 204 What you are doing well: Timing- You are tweeting when your followers are in the area. Your heavy tweet times are during the workday. Sac Press Recommendations: Tweet what comes out of the ovens Nothing beats FRESH baked goods. You are uniquely located within a 2 block radius of 4 of the largest commercial/state structures in the city. Keep a mobile device next to the ovens and unleash your deliciousness into the Twittersphere. If you tweet it, they will come. Don’t dilute your Twitter marketing When your followers opt-in to your twitter feed, they are looking to your authority as artisan bio-bakers and roasters. Cluttering your feed with unrelated tweets can weaken your brand identity and net you fewer followers.
  6. 6. Client: Bows & Arrows Last Activity: 4:26 PM Oct 8th, 2009 Followers: 102 What you were doing well: Why did you stop? You were doing so well. Your feed was full of impromptu sales and insider events. Sac Press Recommendation: Hide & Go Seek Twitter never sleeps. Why not follow your followers to the bar on the weekends. Leaving cryptic clues as to where you are going to appear for free merch giveaways is a great way to keep your fans checking your Twitter feed. You are a fun brand and we think you can pull this off. Think “Where’s Fluffy?”, the band from Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist. Friday 11:45 pm “RT B&A is at Streets of London doing a surprise giveaway. Lets Run over!”
  7. 7. Resources & Tools A powerful third party search Tag cloud tool Graphs your Twitter Stats • Tweets per hour Photo searching tool • Tweets per month • Tweet timeline • Reply statistics (You have to play with this to fully appreciate it!) Ranks Twitter profiles based on 5 metrics. A rating is given to a profile out of 7 million plus profiles on Twitter.