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Rise of the Trust Agent


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Rise of the Trust Agent

  1. attention wars and the rise of the trust agent chris brogan - new marketing labs @chrisbrogan #iabconecta // #trustagents
  2. me typist
  3. me - google this trust agents podcamp new marketing labs no i dont sleep ad age power 150
  4. wiifm application to your goals
  5. what happened 500 channels multiplied
  6. what happened 500 channels multiplied
  7. what happened distribution has NOT stayed in step, even though it should be EASIER
  8. what happened we asked for an unbundled internet
  9. what happened people live in the real world not only online
  10. what happened we became the media
  11. the attention war it’s not just 3 screens
  12. three levels of attention awareness / reputation / trust
  13. why social media / networks this takes lots of time and is sloppy
  14. why social media / networks but people are the best connectors.
  15. why social media / networks what about REAL product placement?
  16. what is a trust agent you, if you want to be
  17. six secrets of trust agents make your own game one of us archimedes effect agent zero human artist build armies
  18. make your own game the importance of being unique
  19. make your own game ooda
  20. make your own game first visitor advantage
  23. make your own game listening at the point of need
  24. make your own game goal alignment & bridging the iceburg
  25. make your own game think human-shaped
  26. make your own game think cafe-shaped
  27. make your own game see two hops down (or more)
  28. make your own game synthesis
  29. one of us the importance of community
  30. one of us move with purpose
  31. 07_ presence
  32. one of us insider’s advantage
  33. one of us inclusive phrasing
  34. one of us listening is the new black
  35. 05_ listening
  36. archimedes effect the importance of leverage
  37. archimedes effect turn 50 into 100
  38. archimedes effect platform thinking
  39. archimedes effect be everywhere
  40. archimedes effect striving up
  41. agent zero the importance of networks
  42. agent zero connect connect connect - humans
  43. agent zero connect connect connect - systems
  44. agent zero be part of everyone’s 150
  46. agent zero how giving impacts asking
  47. agent zero physical and realtime networking
  48. agent zero experience marketing
  49. 06_ experience HTTP://WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/RICHARDSTOWEY/118272308/
  50. human artist the importance of being human (and doing it well)
  51. human artist share share share
  52. human artist 15:1
  53. human artist putting it on paper
  54. human artist simple touchpoints of loyalty
  55. human artist a warning about quid pro quo
  56. build armies the importance of interdependence
  57. build armies give ideas handles
  58. build armies equip leaders
  59. build armies build cafe-shaped conversations (and cafe-shaped businesses)
  60. build armies build economies of trust (and other currencies)
  61. build armies connect laterally. build small powerful networks. accelerate learning.
  62. some resources Google: “grow bigger ears” “if I started today” “chrisbrogan outposts”
  63. questions? 617.759.3639