Marketing With Social Media


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For a presentation I did for the brilliant folks of Memphis at #broganmemphis

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Marketing With Social Media

  1. 1. marketing with social media chris brogan... @chrisbrogan
  2. 2. about chris brogan chris brogan is a typist nyt bestselling author president: new marketing labs, llc 11 years in social media (mostly fortune 100/500) seems egotistical at first. better when you meet him.
  3. 3. the larger story think like a media company develop marketplaces build your network human business
  4. 4. basics what are you selling? who/where are the buyers? can it be sold online? how simple/complex is it to sell?
  5. 5. basics can you ship it? what’s the frequency of return? what’s the resell cycle? what’s the goal?
  6. 6. ways to use social media awareness (listening, content marketing) lead generation education sales crm / csr / pr community
  7. 7. 3 major buckets listening connecting publishing (30/60/30)
  8. 8. media company mindset think production (styles/methods) think distribution (new channels, advocates, +) think engagement and two-way
  9. 9. new marketplaces listening as a marketplace finder mobile / out of home (not just phones) community marketplaces
  10. 10. human business sustainable relationship-minded value-driven
  11. 11. core: database how do I grow it? how do I feed it? how do I sell into it? how do I prune it? how do I treat it with LOYALTY?
  12. 12. database might be a crm or social crm platform might just be a spreadsheet something where you can SEE your community
  13. 13. listening station google “grow bigger ears” for steps feed listening into content, into pr, into sales listening is THE secret driver of serendipity listening is a HUGE human business boon
  14. 14. networks friction vs. frictionless transactions inside/outside be part of the 150 give your ideas handles build networks of value delivery outreach rules
  15. 15. home base blog or website (maybe both) content-minded action-minded drives to sale or to your list/db
  16. 16. outposts twitter /facebook /linkedin /forums /etc a place to connect, share, promote others occasionally a place to drive to home base 12:1 rule think blogger outreach (pre-pay with kindness)
  17. 17. other media outlets all in service to building/feeding your db webinars video photos podcasts all with calls to action and urls intact
  18. 18. email marketing still the #1 online marketing tool vary up your sends: some sales, some conversational ask questions “skinny up” and remove html formatting think “add value” not “beat for sales”
  19. 19. measurement try not to use social media tool measurements use easy measures like $ or # of new signups think “action” and “real world” not kumbaya
  20. 20. measurement track links target opens stay closer to the mother ship methods
  21. 21. human branding real names on social networks real faces on avatars conversations / off-topic promote others
  22. 22. actions : site goals first. always site design integrated with outposts matches marketing needs
  23. 23. actions : listening grow bigger ears test various terms wire to content / pr / sales
  24. 24. action: content production concepts build curation methods build content catalog build production/editorial process don’t forget organic seo
  25. 25. action: content review sales copy/ marketing needs review organic SEO review brevity/usefulness review call to action
  26. 26. action: distribution editorial calendar tied to mothership marketing promotional methods / cross promo channel development damage control plans blogger outreach
  27. 27. action: measurement tie measures to tangible goals measure action not pageviews could be: sales, inbound links, db signups, coverage
  28. 28. action: launch plans integrated social presence social proof seeding review damage plans select starter presence metrics in place go! (then measure/adjust/measure)
  29. 29. action: human business promote others 12:1 30/60/30 look for expansion points look for new content look for cross-promotion/distribution growth
  30. 30. beyond: next steps + share. the power of the plus mobile (not just phones) affiliate marketing
  31. 31. typical questions b2b vs b2c: answer- same tools, different buyer ROI: answer - how much have you I’d? time to results: 3 months (or less)
  32. 32. questions/thanks chris brogan is president of new marketing labs, llc. he blogs at contact form: twitter: @chrisbrogan questions are where you get the good stuff.