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Cultivating Visibility


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My speech for PRSA 's 2011 conference in Orlando. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Cultivating Visibility

  1. 1. Cultivating Visibility HOW PRSA PROFESSIONALS CAN AMPLIFY THE HUMAN DIGITAL CHANNEL FOR THEIR CLIENTS chris brogan... @chrisbrogan http://chrisbrogan.comMonday, October 17, 11
  2. 2. OFFICIAL NOTICE Please tweet this. Please share. Please take these ideas and say you thought of them (no, really). Please talk loudly during this speech to your neighbors, and/or to people in other parts of the world. Please blurt out the answers before anyone else does, if you know them. Please disagree with me loudly. Please shout out, “Oh PLEASE!” if you think something I say is stupid, or not easily attainable. Please take pictures, even though you are very far back and I will resemble a glowing blur. Please laugh often, even if I’m not saying anything funny. Please type out reminders to yourself for later, such as “revise my official notice slide in my presentations.” 2Monday, October 17, 11
  3. 3. PRSA A new definition. 3Monday, October 17, 11
  4. 4. ICON A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. 4Monday, October 17, 11
  5. 5. FRED SHUTTLESWORTH 1922 - 2011 5Monday, October 17, 11
  6. 6. Think Differently. 6Monday, October 17, 11
  7. 7. ME typist blogger consultant author president dad comic book nerd camaro driver getting healthy @chrisbrogan 7Monday, October 17, 11
  8. 8. US We are here to learn how to amplify the human digital channel. Only, those are my words. Let’s make them mean something together. 8Monday, October 17, 11
  9. 9. THE HUMAN DIGITAL CHANNEL Not a website. Not search. Human interactions. Shopkeeper, not her shop. 9Monday, October 17, 11
  10. 10. IS MEADOW BAILEY HERE? @meadowbailey 10Monday, October 17, 11
  11. 11. THE THREE BIG POINTS Cultivate Visibility - attention is a currency. Earn Leverage - a loyal fan trumps a neutral party. Business is About Belonging - inclusion is the new black. 11Monday, October 17, 11
  12. 12. CULTIVATE VISIBILITY Stories are the coin of the realm. Telling stories changes per medium. Make the customer the hero. MAKE.THE.CUSTOMER.THE.HERO. Frequency matters. Frequency matters. 12Monday, October 17, 11
  13. 13. AMPLIFY YOUR STORIES You had to be there. You had to be there. You are here. 13Monday, October 17, 11
  14. 14. MEN’S WEARHOUSE 14Monday, October 17, 11
  15. 15. TO DO Record more video. Cultivate more video stories. Seek referrals and testimonials. Read: The Referral Engine - * Build better contact databases. * amazon affiliate link 15Monday, October 17, 11
  16. 16. EARN LEVERAGE What Julien Smith and I learned about leverage, and what we think about it now. 16Monday, October 17, 11
  17. 17. YOUR STAGE, YOUR LIGHT What Jay-Z could teach you about leverage. 17Monday, October 17, 11
  18. 18. YOU ARE IN SALES You might be selling the story. You might be selling the internal conversation. But you are in sales. October 15, 2011 6:12 PM By Citibank Public Affairs - Citibank Public Affairs issued the following statement regarding todays incident: "A large amount of protesters entered our branch at 555 La Guardia Place around 2:00 PM today. They were very disruptive and refused to leave after being repeatedly asked, causing our staff to call 911. The Police asked the branch staff to close the branch until the protesters could be removed. Only one person asked to close an account and was accommodated." 18Monday, October 17, 11
  19. 19. YOU ARE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE Service is the new black. 19Monday, October 17, 11
  20. 20. WHICH EARNS YOUR APPRECIATION? 20Monday, October 17, 11
  21. 21. Monday, October 17, 11
  22. 22. LEVERAGE AND SERENDIPITY If you think answering that darned ROI question is hard, it gets weirder still. 22Monday, October 17, 11
  23. 23. ONE TWEET 23Monday, October 17, 11
  24. 24. DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS MAN? 24Monday, October 17, 11
  25. 25. VELOCITY, LEVITY, SERENDIPITY 25Monday, October 17, 11
  26. 26. BLOGGER RELATIONS Do you want exposure or leverage? “Influence.” Your new responsibility. The 10 post / 20 tweet litmus test. The “no shotgun pitches” treaty. 26Monday, October 17, 11
  27. 27. CAUSES RULE 27Monday, October 17, 11
  28. 28. TO DO Shine your light. Connect with causes. Improve blogger relations. Reconsider metrics. Rethink velocity. Listen. Harder. 28Monday, October 17, 11
  29. 29. BUSINESS IS ABOUT BELONGING Humankind’s greatest need. 29Monday, October 17, 11
  30. 30. THE “YOU” IN YOUTUBE Why do we share what we do? How do we open up the circle? When it’s “us” instead of “you.” Why contests can be so annoying. Check-Ins are not PR. How stories spread. 30Monday, October 17, 11
  31. 31. SAWUBONA 31Monday, October 17, 11
  32. 32. CONVERSATIONS RULE (NO, REALLY) 32Monday, October 17, 11
  33. 33. SPEAKING OF COMIC NERD STUFF 33Monday, October 17, 11
  34. 34. THE REAL LOYALTY PROGRAMS When did “loyalty” equal “please spam me more than people who don’t opt in? 34Monday, October 17, 11
  35. 35. TO DO Media training for everyone. Simple one-page policies. Get the masses into the game, with some backup. Be clear on the mission. This isn’t online-only advice, mind you. 35Monday, October 17, 11
  36. 36. THE THREE BIG POINTS Cultivate Visibility - attention is a currency. Earn Leverage - a loyal fan trumps a neutral party. Business is About Belonging - inclusion is the new black. 36Monday, October 17, 11
  37. 37. WHAT MATTERS MOST TO ME Think about ways to amplify the human digital channel and help your clients’ customers feel like they matter. In the process, remember just how much you matter. Remember that you’re not just doing a job: you’re making everything better. 37Monday, October 17, 11
  38. 38. ? Some people choose this exact moment to slip out and run away. If you are one of these people, please drop me a line later: 38Monday, October 17, 11
  39. 39. http://humanbusinessworks.comMonday, October 17, 11