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Kindness Injection


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The Kindness Injection delivered by the Kindness Crew.

Published in: Business
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Kindness Injection

  1. 1. `
  2. 2. A Revolution in Kindness
  3. 3. “It is in the giving that you truly receive.”
  4. 4. KINDNESS TO SELF Means taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Mood Awakening Write a positive wake-up note for yourself and stick it to your mirror: Nice bed head! Smile Therapy Smile and acknowledge three people you don’t know today. Remember how it made you feel. Concrete Jungle Buy a lush green plant for your workspace. Plants rejuvenate stale air into fresh oxygen. Get Lost Take a different route to get to work, for no reason but to appreciate something new. Be a tourist in your own town. Silence Please Pause to take some deep, steady breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth is best. 4 seconds in, 4 out. Shake, Shake Señora! Put on some smile-inducing music; crank it up and take a 5-minute dance break. (Hint: Bobby McFerrin - Don’t Worry Be Happy!)
  5. 5. Silence Please
  6. 6. Rx: Volunteer
  7. 7. KINDNESS TO CO-WORKERS Means treating your colleagues like an extended family. Stand Up Be a comedian and find a hilarious video or joke on-line and share it with a co-worker. By resist- ing tired, negative thoughts and sharing positive ones you are making a stand for a healthier workspace. Bring to Fruition Bring a platter of fresh fruit to work for people to eat on their break! Anti-oxidize Get your brew on! Green tea is good for everything, from headaches to depression. The high levels of anti-oxidants found in this super tea even inhibit the growth of cancer cells! Tea for two? Being Gifted Is Easy Everyone loves a present. Don’t worry if it’s small: it’s the surprise of the gesture that makes someone’s day. See if you can make it specific to that lucky person. The First Lunch Welcome a new hire into your office by sharing your lunch break with them or schedule a coffee with someone you’ve not had a chance to connect with yet. Compliment Tunnel Stand at the front door in the morning and compliment everyone who walks in. Get your co- workers involved; you’ll be laughing all day!
  8. 8. Small courtesies and kindnesses given consistently yield huge dividends. -Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit.
  9. 9. Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.
  10. 10. Find your motivation
  11. 11. Create a sense of Urgency
  12. 12. The Gauntlet of Goodwill
  13. 13. The Gauntlet of Goodwill
  14. 14. The Gauntlet of Goodwill
  15. 15. The Gauntlet of Goodwill
  16. 16. The Gauntlet of Goodwill
  17. 17. The Gauntlet of Goodwill
  18. 18. The Gauntlet of Goodwill
  19. 19. KINDNESS TO CUSTOMERS Means not just using compassion to give customers unforgettable service but working with them to connect communities that change the world. Powerful Lunch Shake –up the business lunch meeting by taking a customer for a lunch-hour volunteer session at a local soup kitchen. Old Hat Take off your business hat for ten minutes and ask some questions that are really thoughtful and considerate. Virtuous (Wo)Man Each day tell a long time customer genuinely how much you appreciate a virtue within them. Diligence, reliability, honesty and commitment are all good examples of virtues. Being Present Create a personalized gift for a customer you see regularly. Wrap it up and give it to them on no particular occasion. Passion in Action Ask a customer about one cause they feel passionate about and then take action on it together. Meter Made Empower the customer to commit a Random Act of Kindness. Give them an extra quarter to plug someone’s meter or tell a clean joke they can pass on.
  20. 20. KINDNESS TO COMMUNITY Means being actively involved in and serving the local and global community. Goodlums Try random kindness on for size and see how it fits. Rally a gang of do-gooders and take to the streets! Bring your bracelet and pay-it-forward to a stranger. Axis of People Go to a where the people are! Take your favorite game or story to a community center and connect with someone. Try Cranium or Monopoly! Know Thy Neighbor Invite your neighbors to a backyard bbq or potluck. Don’t forget to include the new folks! Hunting And Gathering Gather nutritious non-perishables and hunt down a local food bank! Remember, the healthier the food, the more vibrant your community. Growing Green Find a space in your neighborhood that could use some green. Plant a hardy tree that is native to the area.
  21. 21. Join a club
  22. 22. “Volunteering can increase your life expectancy as much as quitting smoking.”
  23. 23. “Today I will experience the joy of being kind.”