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Skinhead Movement


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Skinhead Movement Outline

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Skinhead Movement

  1. 1. Music & Society Skinhead Chris
  2. 2. Skinheads• Named for their close cropped or shaven heads• Working class subculture• Originated - united kingdom - 1960s• Spread to other parts of the world• Influenced by West-Indian (specifically Jamaican) rude boysand British mod•Not originally about politics or race•Since then attitudes toward race and politics have becomefactors
  3. 3. Skinhead Haircut
  4. 4. Skinhead Background•Britains post-war economic boom 1950s•Increase disposable income among young people•Youths spent income on new fashions popularized by americansoul groups, movie actors and british r&b bands.•1965 - schism between two skinhead groups :peacock mods(less violent and & wore the latest expensive clothes) hard mods(shorter hair and more working-class image)•Hard mods became known as skinheads by about 1968•Shorter hair may have come about for practical reasons, sincelong hair can be a liability in industrial jobs and a disadvantage instreetlights.•Skinheads may cut hair short in defiance of hippie culturepopular at the time
  5. 5. Mod Modernists
  6. 6. Skinhead Music• Soul, ska, rocksteady and reggae• Artists - desmond dekker, derrick morgan, laurel aitken• 1970s, some suedeheads also listened to british glam roc bands such as the sweet, slade and mott the hoople• Popular music style for late -1970s skinheads was 2 tone - fusion of ska, rocksteady, reggae, pop and punk rock.• 2 tone genre was named after a Coventry, record label• featured the specials, madness and the selecter• Late 1970s skinheads also liked certain punk rock bands, such as the clash, sham 69
  7. 7. 2 Tone Records Coventry
  8. 8. Music cont. Oi!Musical Sub-genre•Oi! Subgenre was embraced by many skinheads and punks•Oi! Combines elements of punk, football chants, pub rock andbritish glam rock•Journalist garry bushell,championed the genre in soundsmagazine•Many bands 1980s such as the cockney rejects and the 4 skinshave reformed and are playing concerts and festivals all over theworld•Europe - most cities sizable skinhead music scene - berlin,bruges, madrid, valencia, milan, rome, belgrade, oslo, stockholmand helsinki
  9. 9. Skinhead History• 1977 skinhead subculture revived (second wave)• Revival skinheads - reaction to the commercialism of punk• 1979 onwards, skinheads - grabbed media attention - football hooliganism• These skinheads wore punk styles - higher boots than before (14-20 eyelets) and jeans (sometimes splattered with bleach)• in the united states, hardcore punk scene embraced skinhead style and developed its own version of the subculture
  10. 10. Skinhead Boots Dr.Martens aka DM’s
  11. 11. Skinhead Clothing• Hair men : shaved• Hair women : mod style haircuts or punk - style hairstyle• Men : boots, dr. Martens - steel-toe boots were called ‘bovver boots’• Women : boots or shoes, monkey boots, loafers, or brogues• Hats : trilby hats, pork pie hats, flat caps• Laces and braces - some skinheads, particularly highly political ones, attach significance to the colour of boot laces, braces - use them to indicate beliefs or affiliations
  12. 12. Racism Anti-Racism & Politics• 1960s, some skinheads (& black skinheads) engaged in violence against pakistanis and other asian immigrants - ‘paki bashing’• Not an organized racist movement• Early 1970s there were skinhead - aligned-white nationalist national front• Also anti-racist and leftist skinheads• Many skinheads rejected political labels• Some blamed non - white immigrants for economic and social problems, and agreed with far right organizations positions against blacks and asians
  13. 13. The End